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Feb 20, 2019

Tips for Keeping Pets Safe in All Types of Weather

From wildfires in the West to below freezing temperatures in the Northeast, extreme weather is something we all deal with no matter where we call “home.”  Throughout our lives we learn to adjust and adapt to weather conditions as they are simply a part of life.  In extreme heat we know to stay hydrated, stay under shade, and protect our skin from the sun’s exposure.  In snow emergencies we know to stock up on non-perishable food and water and to keep shovels and salt on hand.  

It may seem like second nature to prepare ourselves, but what about our pets?  Here are some helpful tips for protecting our furry friends in extreme weather:

In the cold:
Pets may need to be let outside or walked multiple times per day, so it is important for them to spend time outside during the daytime, when temperatures are slightly higher.  Once the sun goes down, temperatures drop which can be harmful for their paws against the snow and ice.  Not only is the ice harmful to their paws, the chemicals in certain salts and de-icers can also cause skin irritation.  Remember to wipe their paws when returning inside. Pet booties are also a great option and help keep paws warm and safe during play time and on walks.  

In the rain:
Most everyone has come across a pet in their lifetime who is afraid of thunder and lightning.  Since animals have hearing which is much more sensitive than ours, it is understandable that the loud noises can cause fright.  If you are aware of a storm approaching, it is a good idea to keep your pet inside in a place where they are comfortable.  If left outside during a storm, pets can become disoriented and can even run away from home and become lost.  Keep calming medicine and a thunder shirt on hand and being around to comfort your pet during the storm will help them feel secure.

In the heat:
Opposite of the extreme cold, in the extreme heat you should plan to let your dog outside during the early mornings or later in the evening.  Heat is most extreme during the daytime, so it is best to keep your pet inside or in the shade during this time.
We all know that dark colored objects absorb heat quickly and are hot to the touch.  Be careful walking your pet on pavement during extreme heat, as it gets very warm and can cause damage to your pet’s paws. If it’s too hot for your skin to touch, then it’s too hot for their paws.

Just like humans, it is crucial to keep your pet hydrated during extreme heat – and all of the time for that matter.  Keeping food and water with you while outside can help your pets from getting dehydrated in the scorching heat. All of us, even pets, are able to function much better when we are properly hydrated.

It may be second nature for us to prepare for ourselves and our family members during extreme weather conditions, but it is just as important to prepare our pets because after all, they’re part of the family, too!

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