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Aug 28, 2019

Investing in Our Future: An Overview of Our Unique Employee Benefits

At NYCM Insurance, we recognize the importance of having an inspiring culture and know that our heart and soul comes from our people. We also know that a job is more than just a 9 to 5 commitment  ; it's a lifestyle, a family and an always-developing career path. 
With an "employees-first" mindset, we are highly invested in our 900+ team members and are proud to offer a wide range of unique employee benefits. 

From on-site workout classes to volunteer hours, read on to learn more about the opportunities available for team NYCM. 


It’s important to us that all of our employees are inspired to come to work every single day and grow professionally. That’s why we offer employees the opportunity to take educational courses, workshops, certificate programs and attend conferences and seminars to further their knowledge.


We like to think of ourselves as a family; but we understand that everyone has a lot going on outside of the office, too. For this reason, we offer flexible work hours and the ability to make up time. We also understand that times are changing, along with how people prefer working. When possible, we gladly offer our employees the option to work from home. Following a standard 90-day probationary period, every employee starts with three weeks of paid time off and eleven paid holidays


Coming from humble beginnings, we understand the importance of giving back to our communities. It’s why we give all employees 16 hours of paid volunteer time annually and support over 550 causes, events and organizations each year. We also proudly sponsor and partner with 12 organizations annually, including the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society.  We encourage employees to get involved with these causes by offering informative “kick-off” meetings and the opportunity to fundraise and attend the events.


As an insurance company, we know that nothing is more important than wellness . Our award-winning Passport to Wellness program is designed to encourage our employees to live their best lives, focusing on physical, mental, social, spiritual and financial wellness. Additionally, our headquarters in Edmeston, NY has an on-site café, and both Edmeston and Sherburne are home to fitness facilities , Weight Watchers weigh-ins, and wellness centers. 

We also offer Health, Vision and Dental insurance. 


We know that commuting is part of the whole job package. To help our employees fuel their cars, we offer all employees $.10 per mile mileage reimbursement to and from the office. 

Employee store 

At NYCM Insurance we bleed orange and represent our brand with pride! By shopping at our NYCM Store, employees have access to a variety  of high-quality merchandise that they can purchase at a discounted price. Some of the brands we carry include Under Armour, Adidas, Antigua and Ogio. 

The future

To help our employees plan for the future, we offer a 401(k) retirement plan. In addition, employees who are with us for at least six years are automatically fully enrolled in our pension plan. 

To learn more about career opportunities available at NYCM Insurance, click on the button below!