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Dec 18, 2018

5 Popular Home Insurance Add-Ons

Home insurance is a requirement when you own a home.

It is there to protect you from disasters, damages, injuries, and stolen items. As you start researching the right homeowners insurance policy for your needs, you may want to consider common insurance add-ons as well that can keep your home secure and provide more complete coverage than your standard insurance.

Below are 5 home insurance add-ons to consider:

Sewer and Drain Backup

Like earthquake coverage, sewer and drain backup is not covered in insurance policies. Certain problems that may occur are:

Sewer and drain backups may not happen quite often, but when they do, having service line coverage will save you from a lot of work. 

Guaranteed Replacement Cost

This add-on will guarantee replacing your home, despite the cost.

For example: if your house gets damaged or destroyed, the insurer will spend 
however much it takes to replace your home. There are no depreciated costs and this investment will fully replace your home, even if it exceeds policy limits.

Flood Insurance Coverage
Homeowners insurance unfortunately doesn't come with flood insurance either.

You don't necessarily have to live in a flood-prone environment to purchase this add-on. Floods can happen unexpectedly from unpredicted heavy rain storms.

Valued Possession Coverage

Another add-on is valued possession coverage. This extra protection will save you from stress if your valued items are damaged, destroyed, or stolen. 

Valued items include:

And more, depending on your insurance policy. This coverage is best if you own valuables of extremely high value (over $10,000 - depending on the insurance policy). 

Umbrella Coverage

This extra liability insurance add-on will protect you from major claims and lawsuits as well as providing underlying coverage.

Umbrella coverage includes:

Having this will give you peace of mind everywhere you go, even outside of your home.

These five popular add-ons will help to keep your home and personal items secure. When choosing what an insurer or add-ons, consider any add-ons that might be relevant to your home or personal belongings.

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