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Dec 21, 2018

One Simple Car Wash Hack to Save Your Car this Winter

Winter weather is here, and you’ve hopefully prepped and stocked up your car safety kit. What do you do to protect your vehicle during the winter?

During the winter you’ll notice people are rather diligent to wash their vehicles regularly. Removing dirt, ice, and salt build up from your vehicle can prevent potential damage that they may cause.

You might opt to hand wash your vehicle at the car wash which might be quicker -- but remember, you have to endure rather unfavorable conditions. We wouldn’t recommend washing your vehicle at home in the winter as temperatures can quickly drop below freezing and then you’ll have to deal with an ice covered driveway.

Instead, we recommend taking advantage of the automatic car wash during the winter season. Although it’s a bit pricier than the DIY method, it is more thorough and will save you money in the long run.

Another great benefit about making use of the automatic car wash is that many offer an underbody cleaning feature as well, which will help to remove the salt and dirt from those hard to reach but crucial areas. Using this feature will also help mitigate rust, which is not only helpful in the winter, but all year-round. The salt used on NY roads in the wintertime can lead to corrosion of important parts including; your vehicle’s exhaust and braking systems, its frame, muffler, suspension, and more. PRO TIP: The underbody cleaning will typically start as you begin to drive into the wash. Drive very slowly to get a thorough cleaning and make the most of the feature.

Depending on the weather conditions and how dirty your vehicle is, it is recommended to wash your vehicle every week or two, and keep items like de-icer, winter windshield washer fluid, and a snow brush in your vehicle at all times.