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Jul 21, 2023

Is Beekeeping Covered by My Homeowners Insurance?

Beekeeping, whether it is a hobby or your occupation, is a complex process that requires extensive knowledge and training. As a beekeeper, or even an aspiring beekeeper, you may be surprised to learn that bee related accidents may not be covered by your homeowners insurance policy. Continue reading to learn more about how beekeeping can affect your home insurance policy and what you can do to get the proper coverage.


Does Regular Home Insurance Cover Hobby Beekeeping? 

If you are someone who keeps bees as a hobby, it’s important to discuss the details of coverage with your insurance agent. In most cases the equipment you use, and the hives themselves can be covered under personal property coverage, whereas the bees themselves may be excluded. It’s also important to know that while most insurance companies would likely cover a bee related accident, they may look to non-renew your policy in the future as they are now aware of the risk. Once there is a known, high-risk exposure and a history of loss, insurance companies can look to nonnew a policy as the purpose of insurance is to help reduce the financial impact of losses that are sudden, accidental, and out of the insured's control. 


Does Regular Home Insurance Cover Business Beekeeping? 

There is a level of unpredictability that comes with the buying and selling of bees, and their product. Some homeowners insurance policies will allow up to a certain amount in business-related coverage, however this coverage is not typically comprehensive. When it comes to product liability, injury, or even just your everyday beekeeping operations, relying on your home insurance can leave you open to all sorts of risk. Between the possibility of someone getting stung, someone having an allergic reaction to your product, or your hive becoming damaged in a loss, you’ll want to “bee” sure that you are thoroughly protected. One way to set yourself up for success is by investing in “Bee Insurance.” You can reach out to your local agent for more information!


What Does Bee Insurance Cover That My Home Insurance Might Not? 

Beekeeping insurance can offer you a more in depth and comprehensive coverage than your home insurance can in relation to bees. Typically, beekeeping insurance will cover liabilities related to more extensive injury, damage to hives, and even damage to your bees themselves. Beekeeping insurance can also offer coverage when it comes to selling your products, whether that be from your home, a store, craft fair, or market. It can even cover you for liability of products after they’ve been sold. It’s important to know that many markets and craft fairs will require you to have a certificate of liability if you would like to sell products during their events. This protects both you and the venue against liabilities that may be associated with your product.


We know that protecting your home and assets are a top priority. Check out the link below to learn more about a homeowners insurance policy with NYCM by contacting one of our trusted agents.