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Sep 10, 2018

The Safety Checklist That All Renters Need to See Before Signing Their Next Lease

Moving into an apartment is a major milestone! It might seem like a baby-step before owning a home, but you’ll have a lot of the same risks and liabilities. So, before you sign a lease to rent property make sure that you check it over thoroughly to ensure that it is a safe place for you to live.

Some things to check for include;

  • Visible mold -  You may think that mold is just an eye sore, but it is actually very dangerous. In mild cases, it can result in symptoms resembling those of the typical post-nasal drip, but in more severe cases it can result in brain damage and even fatality.
  • Broken windows, doors and locks – Your main entrance is your most vulnerable point of entry for a potential break-in and floor-level windows are your 2nd biggest vulnerability. Before signing a lease ensure that all windows are in good working condition without cracks or scratches, and have working locks. You’ll want to do the same for every door entrances into the apartment as well. You also should consider installing new locks with longer screws, and deadbolts for increased security.
  • Running water and good water pressure -  On both your first and final walk-throughs of the apartment you should check the water and its pressure on all faucets. Clear running water is essential, and poor water pressure could be a sign of a potential clog, broken pipe, or another associated issue. If you notice something that seems out of the ordinary be sure to bring it up to your landlord.
  • Working electrical outlets with covers – All of the electrical outlets should be in working condition and covered for safety purposes. If you notice any unoccupied outlets try them out with cell phone charger or something else that you can keep in your pocket during your walk-through. Any non-working outlets will need to be repaired prior to your moving in.
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors – These might be things that are easily overlooked, but they are extremely important no matter where you are living. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are two essential items to have in your home to ensure both your safety, and the safety of others.  
  • Signs of leaks or cracks in interior ceiling, floors, or walls – Cracks or leaks in interior floors, walls, and ceilings could be signs of either foundation issues, or potential water damage. Be sure to address these early on to avoid a major problem in your future.
  • Signs of leaks or cracks in exterior roof, walls, or foundation - Cracks or leaks in the exterior walls, roof or foundation could be signs of either foundation issues, or potential water damage that could result in a bigger problem for you.
  • All circuits are marked – If you have access to the electrical panel check to see that circuits are organized, clear, and in working order.
  • Well-lit parking lot, hallways, etc. -  Common areas in your apartment building such as hallways, alleyways, parking lots, etc. should be well-lit. This is extremely important whether you are living alone or with roommates.
  • Well-maintained parking areas – You will also want to check to ensure that parking areas are designated for your vehicle. Is off-street parking provided? If so, is your parking area clear from debris, garbage, free from cracks, and well-lit. You might also want to ask if snow-removal is the landlord’s responsibility or your own.

There are so many more things that you might want to check before moving in, but these are some of the major things to consider before you commit to renting for several months. Before you sign your next lease go through this list of items with your landlord and make sure they are fixed prior to your commitment to a lease agreement.  

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