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Jan 17, 2019

Super Bowl Sunday Party Tips

What comes to mind when you hear “Super Bowl Sunday”?  Maybe it’s an exciting football game, maybe you think of time with your family and friends.  Perhaps you’re excited for the good food or the half time show.  Whatever it may be, the day offers fun for everyone.

Going out to restaurants and bars for the big game can be crowded and expensive.  Here are some fun tips for you to host a successful Super Bowl party in the comfort of your own home:
  1. Food - When you think of a family/friend gathering, where does everyone end up?  Around the food.  Making sure your food choices are up to par is key to being a successful host.  Nobody wants to sit down for a large meal because they would miss out on some of the action. Instead, offer a variety of appetizers that people can pick at on their own time.  It’s often helpful to come up with foods you can make ahead of time, so that you can also enjoy the game and half time show without much interruption. Here is a great list of easy appetizers for game day. 
  2. Decorate - Is your team in the big game?  If so – balloons, table cloths, plates and napkins in your team’s colors will add to the fun of the day.  If your team isn’t – pick a team to root for and decorate with their colors!  Pro Tip: decorate in BOTH team’s colors and have your guests pick and choose who they want to represent!
  3. Do you have the right TV? - Of course everyone wants an 80” flat screen TV, but that’s not realistic for everyone.  Keep in mind how many guests you’re inviting.  It may be uncomfortable/chaotic to try and huddle around a small TV.  If possible, borrow a bigger TV from a relative or friend to create the ultimate game watching experience for you and your guests. In the market for a new TV?  Studies show that prices of televisions drop over 20% in the weeks before Super Bowl Sunday.  Do your research – maybe it’s the perfect time to make that investment! A cheaper alternative and a fun DIY project however, includes a projector and a white sheet. Hang the sheet up and watch the big game on your wall!
  4. Games - Want to add a little fun to your party?  Simple games for your guests to play are the perfect addition to the day.  The Super Bowl is known for their famous commercials and ads.  Place bets on common themes that will appear most in the commercials – maybe it’s beer, insurance or even a type of food!
  5. Clean-Up/Post Game - As if you didn’t prepare enough for the party – now you’re left with the mess when everyone leaves.  Make things easier on yourself by having a big garbage can and recyclables bin next to the action.  People are more likely to pick up their stuff when the garbage is easily accessible. Made too much food?  Have plastic storage bags or storage containers available and encourage your guests to take a plate to go!