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May 31, 2019

Decorating Alternatives for Renters on a Budget

Keep Your Security Deposit with These Temporary Apartment Decorating Tips

Buying a home isn’t always in the cards. Sometimes you might be better off renting or leasing a space. Although that comes with less responsibility and maintenance, it also might limit your options as far as decorating goes.

With these temporary decorating tips you can make your space more “you” -- without signing away your security deposit or breaking the bank:

·       Temporary wallpaper - adhesive, removable wallpaper is a great decorating solution as it can create a big impact. Just be careful, as covering a full room with temporary wallpaper can get costly in a hurry. Before applying to an entire wall, test a small section to make sure the wallpaper you purchase can be removed without destroying the walls. Not doing so could cost you your security deposit.

·       Contact paper - another temporary adhesive solution perfect for decorating your apartment on a budget. Many people choose to use contact paper to cover their cabinets if they’ve been painted over too many times, or their original look just doesn’t quite fit their style. Again, test an area before applying to make sure it will come off with ease.

·       Washi tape - This Japanese decorative masking tape is easy to apply, easy to remove, and comes in tons of colors and patterns!

·       Curtains - They not only provide shade from sunlight but can also be a great way to introduce dramatic patterns and textures to your space. Worried about drilling holes for curtain rods? Try tension rods or removable command hooks instead!

·       Command strips and hooks - Were these things made specifically for renters? They might as well have been! These are excellent tools to hang things around your space without the stress of filling in holes before moving out. The best part: they’re pretty inexpensive and available at most hardware stores.

·       Plants - They clean the air and add some color to your home. Air cleaning plants include: ferns, peace lilies, spider plants and more. Not the “keeping things alive” type? Opt for an artificial alternative!

·       Furniture - Although with your bigger pieces it is best to opt for neutral colors that can be moved to a new place, you might choose a unique fabric choice or color for an accent chair or ottoman -- which will also provide additional seating. It’s a win-win!

·       Peel and stick tiles - Seriously, what would renters do without adhesive? These small tiles create a dramatic change in your rental kitchen or bathroom. You can pick them up online or at most hardware stores. They come in square sheets that you’ll cut with a utility knife and piece together in your desired space. Measure your space beforehand so you purchase the right amount of sheets.

·       Lighting - This is a unique way to make your space more “you”. Do you prefer moody tones? Look for dark shades on lamps, and maybe opt for Edison bulbs. Prefer bright light, try lighter colored lamps and shades that allow for higher wattage (brighter) bulbs. Try LED bulbs -- they’re often brighter and will save you money over time with your electric costs!

There is nothing better than making a space your own. Try some of these inexpensive and temporary tips, and you’ll be more likely to get your security deposit back when you’re ready to move.

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