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Jan 6, 2021

Work-From-Home Refresh

Revitalize Your Home Office and Work-From-Home Routine with These Tips


Working from home means spending a lot of time in your house. While there certainly are benefits, like less wear and tear on your vehicle and getting back your daily commute time, you might feel like your surroundings rarely change, which can also feel draining. 


Your routine may be similar each day, but there are changes you can make to spark creativity and mental capacity while working from home.  Here are some surefire ways to revitalize your home office and routine.


Switch It Up 

Everyone’s homes and workspaces are obviously going to look different. Some may work in a literal home office, and some might be working at their kitchen table. No matter where you decided to set up camp, an easy way to give new life to your space is to switch it up! 


Sitting in the same spot with the same view for months on end can be mentally taxing. Even more so when you don’t really see a change in scenery after closing the laptop. Consider moving your workstation to an area in your home that offers a lot of natural light. If you are working at a desk or table,  try swapping out picture frames or updating your organization tools to fit your style. You may even be able to incorporate wall art depending on the layout of your space


Invest in a Good Chair 

A comfortable chair can make all the difference when powering through paperwork or engaging in a long virtual conference. If you don’t have the space or the means for a proper office chair, you might consider purchasing a lumbar support cushion that offers some comfort and relief. 


Keep It Organized 

Organization is vital when it comes to feeling in control of your space.  More often we are starting to see less paper and more digital files, which can help in the organization  of your office space.  If you still find yourself working with paper quite often, you might consider updating your filing system. Try decking out your setup with new patterned folders or dividers. A label maker can easily become your new best friend.  


Another thing to think about when updating your workspace is keeping everything you need within reach and eliminating anything you don’t need. There’s a saying that goes “a place for everything and everything in its place.” Remember, less is more when it comes to small spaces. Try choosing bold but simple decor that can be hung on a nearby wall rather than take up surface area on your desk. Hanging live plants is also a great way to conserve space and bring fresh oxygen into your office! 



Speaking of plants, not only are they scientifically proven to help improve our mental health, they help boost our immune systems as well! Plants are also known to improve the quality of air indoors and even increase your rate of productivity. Adding plants to your office area will add a pop of color and break up any dreary office vibes that may be lingering. 


Move Your Body

Although this isn’t a tip on decorating or organizing your home office, it’s a great tip for separating your work-life balance and incorporating exercise into your daily routine. If you are fortunate enough to have an outdoor space or somewhere to walk around nearby, we implore you to take advantage!  Set aside time in the morning or during your lunch break to get some fresh air and sunshine. If you are cutting it short on time, at the very least, be sure to get up from your desk periodically to stretch and move your body. 


Chances are, if you’ve been working from home during COVID-19, you haven’t been alone. Check out the link below for more information on ways to keep your family busy while socially distancing!