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May 15, 2019

Should You Consider Fencing For Your Home?

As a homeowner there is so much to consider, and when the ground finally thaws you’ll start thinking more about the outside of your property. Among those thoughts you may consider adding fencing to your property. Before making a decision, let’s weigh the pros and cons. 

Property fencing comes in many different shapes and sizes so you’ll have to take that into consideration when making your decision. Wood, metal and vinyl are all common fencing materials and your choice will ultimately be determined by what you’re looking for. 

Property fencing can offer many benefits including: 

  • Security - Fencing around your property can act as a physical barrier, protecting  your home and your family. It’s a simple method for warding off unwanted guests. If you own a pool it is also helpful in securing your pool from unwanted guests. NYS requires fencing around residential and public pools. 
  • Safety - Unlike security for the purpose of keeping things out, safety is more about keeping things (and people) in and contained. This is definitely something to consider with pets or young children. 
  • Privacy - No matter how close you might be with your neighbors, your space is your space. Give yourself and your family a little privacy with fencing. 
  • Aesthetic - A well-constructed and nice-looking fence can really compliment the overall design of your home. On top of that, properly maintained landscaping bordering the fence can improve curb-appeal. 
  • Noise Reduction - Sometimes a physical barrier is one of the best methods for cutting down on traffic noise. If you live near a heavily trafficked area you might want to consider one for this reason alone. 
  • Property Value - Although it isn’t always the case, property fencing can sometimes result in increased property value and an important point for resale. 

Although property fencing offers numerous benefits there are some drawbacks to consider before installing, which might include: 

  • Cost - Building a fence is a large upfront cost. Cost will vary depending on the material selected (which will also affect maintenance and upkeep) but the biggest factor in cost is the size of the area. 
  • Maintenance – Weather and other uncontrollable factors will result in damage to your fencing. With that said you will incur a cost for the general upkeep for both appearance and stability of the fence itself. Your fencing material will impact the degree of maintenance required.
  • Boundary Conflict - Many neighbors struggle to know quite exactly where their property lines fall. Because of this, constructing a fence before having your property professionally surveyed could be a costly mistake. 
  • Lawn Care Hassle - Where mowing and raking your lawn was once a relatively simple task, the addition of fencing makes this process a little bit more challenging. Consider how things might change in your lawn maintenance routine beforehand. 
  • Hazard to Wildlife - Are you lucky enough to have wildlife visitors pass through your property from time to time? You might want to consider how constructing a fence could negatively impact their routines and conflict with their pathways. 
  • Preparation - Before beginning construction, you will need to contact your utility companies to mark your property and determine where any ground lines might lie.

Property fencing can be a great addition to your home. Consider all of the pros and cons and weigh all of your options before making a decision.