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Jun 17, 2019

Summer Safety Series: 7 Summer Party Safety Tips

The sun is shining and it’s almost summer again in New York! You have been waiting for what feels like an eternity for warm weather to come back around again, and now you can’t wait to throw a celebratory backyard party.

While the warmer weather lends itself to a lot of fun activities for you and your guests, there are a couple of important safety tips to keep in mind when inviting people over for your protection and theirs.

Plan for the heat

Make sure your guests have cool, shaded areas to sit. This will help prevent dehydration and potential sun poisoning. If you own a pool, remind your guests to bring their bathing suits and waterproof SPF.

Prep your pool  

Designate someone trained in CPR to be the official party lifeguard and be responsible for keeping an eye on the pool ­- especially if there are going to be children at your event. You might even want to consider hiring a lifeguard from the local pool. For more pool safety tips, click here.

Establish trampoline rules

If you own a trampoline, then you know they are a ton of fun! But trampoline jumping poses a high risk of injury including sprains, fractures, and serious head and neck injuries. Reduce risk of injury at your party with constant adult supervision and allowing only one jumper at a time. Putting up a net is also a great way to help jumpers stay safe.

Offer soft drinks

Not everyone will want to indulge in alcoholic beverages, especially if they are the one driving home. Offer sodas, mocktails and different flavors of sparkling water so that your designated drivers don’t feel obligated to grab a beer.

Get your home host-ready

This includes making sure your backyard is well lit if the party is at night or taking care of that broken step you keep meaning to fix.

Be smart with your grilling

Avoid fires by only grilling outside, away from structures, and taking the time to clean your grill regularly. Never leave your grill unattended and keep away from kids and pets to reduce risk of burns. Make sure you always have a fire extinguisher on hand! Baking soda is also a cheap, effective tool for controlling grease fires, and remember never to put water on a grease fire.  

Stock up on essentials

Nothing spoils a good time like sunburn or pesky mosquitoes. Buy extra sunscreen, bug spray, and aloe and keep them out for guests to use. 

Follow these safety tips to keep your guests happy and your event flowing smoothly. Everyone will be talking about your party for the rest of the summer!