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Jul 31, 2019

Tips to Make Running Errands Easier

Grocery store, dry cleaners, post office, bank... sometimes it seems like our list of errands is endless.  While running errands can be tedious and tiresome, they need to be done to keep our lives, jobs and households running in order.  Did you know, most people run some type of errand every single day?  Whether it’s stopping to mail a birthday card to a friend or picking up some milk and bread at the store, these tricks will make running errands a piece of cake:

1. Call ahead 

Have a prescription to pick up?  Do you need a specific item from the grocery store?  It’s always a good idea to call your destination first to be sure whatever you’re picking up is available.  There is nothing worse than taking the time, and gas, to drive to your destination and not be able to get what you need.  A simple phone call to double check will save you time in the long run!

2. Make a list ahead of time 

Before you begin errands, make a physical list (not a mental list) of everything that needs to be accomplished.  Once that is done, create an order in which they’ll be completed most efficiently.  You don’t want to waste time back tracking. 

3. Returns

We’ve all left to return something to a store, only to realize we’ve forgotten that item at home.  A good tip to remember these returns is to keep them right by your door, or even in the trunk of your car.  Seeing them on the way out or having them in your vehicle will remind you to return them when you get the chance.

4. Bring something to occupy you 

Waiting in line is annoying and frustrating to most people.  Sometimes, there is nothing you can do, so why get mad?  Instead, play a game on your phone, read a magazine or newspaper, or call a friend to chat.  This will make the time pass quicker.

5. Think of the time

Since most people work during the weekdays, they spend the weekend running errands.  This increase in traffic can make stores crowded, lines longer and traffic worse.  If you have energy to run errands after work at night, you will find you can complete them much quicker.

6. Bulk shopping 

If you can, purchase items like toilet paper, paper towels, pet food and other non-perishables in bulk – or even online!  You’ll have fewer errands to run, plus, buying in bulk usually is cheaper – win, win!

Running errands takes up so much time in our lives, why not make the most of it?  Getting them done quickly and efficiently will allow you more time to do the things you love.