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Sep 27, 2019

8 Ways to Decorate Your Apartment This Fall

Fall is here! You may not have the yard space to decorate for the season, but you can still bring the beauty of the season inside with autumn inspired décor. 

Here are 8 affordable ways to decorate your apartment this fall.

1. Pillows, Blankets, and Throws, Oh My

Blankets and pillows are certainly a highlight of the fall season. Keep warm and decorate for autumn by putting comfy blankets and decorative pillows out for display. Go for classic prints like plaid and earthy tones like red, brown, green and yellow. You might even try prints with leaves, pumpkins or apples to make your home extra cozy. 

2. Fall Scents

Use diffusers as an alternative to candles to bring that fall smell into your home without the risk of a fire hazard. Some fall favorites are pumpkin, spiced apple and cinnamon, but keep in mind that putting too many different scents in a small space can actually have a negative effect on the smell of your apartment. If you do prefer to mix scents it’s helpful to know which scents mix well together and which do not. There are many articles online that have tips for successfully mixing scents. 

3. Light it up

String lights make a great addition to any room. Decorative lighting, like string lights, are sold in many stores and come in many different styles and shapes including pumpkins and leaves. Adding string lighting around windows, fireplaces [link to chimney blog to be posted 9/30/19], and on decorative tables will help bring warmth to your home during a cold time of year. Just remember to be cautious, as decorative lighting can increase the risk of fires and electrical injuries if not used correctly.

4. Add a Wreath

Wreaths are statement pieces for many seasons. They are often placed at or near your main entrance, but they might also be hung over windows or above mantles. Whether you want to purchase a wreath or make one yourself, they can make great additions to your apartment’s décor. DIY wreaths can include leaves, corn cobs, mini pumpkins, branches, berry garlands or autumnal flowers

5. Mini Pumpkins

Using pumpkins to decorate is a great way to welcome fall into your home. Mini pumpkins can be purchased in all different colors, shapes and sizes. They are available at many grocery stores and local farms. Use them to decorate your mantles, tables, window sills and more! 

6. Fall Inspired Centerpiece

A homemade centerpiece for your countertop or dining room table can be made from fall flowers, pumpkins, leaves, pinecones, and candles. With a little imagination and creativity these centerpieces can bring a festive look to any table. Check out Pinterest for some inspiration! 

7. Fall Florals

Flowers make great statement pieces for any room. Whether they are real or artificial, flowers are sure to accent any space. Some popular fall flowers include marigolds, ranunculus and dahlias. Fall flowers look great in vases, centerpieces, and wreaths. 

8. Decorative Signs 

Many craft stores sell unique typography banners and signs with fall-themed quotes. Try finding signs with phrases like “Happy Fall,” “Thankful” and signs with pumpkins or leaves to decorate your space. Hanging these up around your apartment can instantly increase the festive feel.

The days are getting shorter, the air is crisp, and the leaves are falling. Get crafty and mix and match décor in your home to embrace fall this season without breaking the bank