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Oct 26, 2023

Halloween Safety Tips for Your Pet

Trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving , festive crafts and spooky decorations - who doesn’t love Halloween? It’s a perfect holiday for family fun and can be even more fun when you get the pets involved. That being said, it’s important to remember that increased activity in your neighborhood on Halloween can pose some safety risks to your family pet.


Whether you’re taking them along for trick-or-treating or planning to hand out candy this year, here are some safety precautions to keep in mind for your pets this Halloween:


Be Mindful When Choosing a Halloween Costume

Not all costumes are created equal. When choosing an adorable outfit for your furry family member, ensure that the costume does not inhibit their vision, breathing or movement in any way. If taking them out trick-or-treating with you, consider adding reflective tape to the costume to make them more visible. Keep your dog’s collar on at all times and ensure that their ID tags are visible.


Keep Your Dogs on a Leash

If you’re taking your dog - or dogs - out for trick-or-treating with the family, make sure they remain on a leash at all times. While you may believe your dog is obedient enough to follow you without a leash, a sudden noise or cute little goblin with a bag full of chocolate could distract your dog, causing them to run out into the road or run away. It’s also important to be considerate of fellow trick-or-treaters; not everyone feels comfortable around dogs so it’s important to keep them close to your side and leashed so that everyone feels at ease.


Pack Water and Waste Bags

If your dog will be accompanying you on your Halloween haunt, be sure to pack plenty of essentials. Bring a backpack with water and a dish in case your dog gets thirsty. It’s also important to pack waste bags - as you probably know - dogs tend to go where they’re not supposed to and often when it’s inconvenient. You’ll be glad you packed the bags! You might also consider bringing treats to enforce good behavior.


Crate Your Dogs If You’re Staying Home

If you’re planning to hand out candy this year, then you will be constantly opening and closing your door. To keep your dog from darting out the door, keep them in their crate or closed in a separate room during trick-or-treating hours. This will prevent them from accidentally running away or startling those coming to your door. The same goes for cats! Close them off in a separate room until the Halloween fun is over. You may even consider putting music or the television on for your pets while they’re closed away to reduce stress and create a calming environment.


Keep Chocolate Out of Reach

Chocolate is toxic for pets so it’s important to store your Halloween haul well out of their reach. Keep your candy placed high on the counter or on top of the refrigerator where it is out of reach from dogs. Better yet, store your candy in a closed cabinet where counter-climbing cats can’t access it.


While Halloween can pose some safety risks for your pets, the good news is that a few preventative measures can mitigate risk and keep the holiday fun for all.


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