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Oct 23, 2019

Halloween Road Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treaters and Drivers

Between the hype of costumes and candy, it’s easy to forget the safety hazards posed by Halloween night. With increased foot traffic on and around the streets in the evening, it’s important for both pedestrians and drivers to be hyper-aware on All Hallows’ Eve. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is four times more likely that children get hit by a car on Halloween compared to any other day.

Whether you’re taking your kids out trick-or-treating, or just plan to be out driving on Halloween night, use these tips to help keep the holiday safe and fun for everyone.

Costume Safety 

Who knew that safety starts with the Halloween costume? Whether you’re purchasing a costume from the store or sewing the whole thing yourself, these tips will help you start the night on the right foot.

  1. Avoid masks and other costume accessories that may obstruct vision.
  2. Make sure that all purchased or homemade costumes are fire resistant.
  3. When selecting costumes, avoid dressing your children in only dark colors. Instead, mix it up with some bright, vibrant colors that will make them more visible to drivers. You can also add strips of reflective tape to a child’s costume for extra protection!
  4. If your children’s costumes include accessories such as swords or sticks, make sure they are not sharp. 
  5. Ensure costumes fit properly to avoid tripping or falling.
  6. Test costume makeup ahead of time to make sure your child does not have an allergic reaction.


Children under the age of 12 should always be accompanied by an adult. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you’re going out with your younger children or plan on sending your teenagers out on their own:
  1. Map out a route with your older children, sticking to neighborhoods and areas they are familiar with and set a specific time for them to return home.
  2. Equip them with a cell phone (if they do not already have one) and review how to call 9-1-1 in case of emergency. 
  3. Give children flashlights to help them stay visible but remind them not to shine the light into the eyes of drivers. 
  4. Always walk on the sidewalks, crossing at street corners and in crosswalks.
  5. Put electronic devices out of sight to keep them from distracting you. 

Tips for Drivers

While it’s always important to be aware of your surroundings and practice safe driving, the increased foot traffic during trick-or-treating hours makes it extra important on Halloween. 
  1. Watch for children walking on roadways and curbs.
  2. Drive slowly.
  3. Use extra caution when entering and exiting alleys and driveways. 
  4. Pay attention for children wearing dark clothing and masks. 
  5. If possible, avoid being on the road during prime trick-or-treating hours and discourage inexperienced drivers from being on the road that night. 
  6. Turn your headlights on to make yourself more visible, even in the daylight. 

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