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Jan 28, 2020

Thanking New York State with a Series of Live-Action Commercials

For the second year in a row, NYCM Insurance has been given the honor of being Ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction Among Auto Insurers in New York by J.D. Power. While the award was distributed by J.D. Power and Associates, the ranking is determined by survey respondents. When we found out about the award, we immediately knew that we couldn’t have done it without every member of our ecosystem: from our employees, to our agents, to our customers. That’s why we wanted to create a campaign to say “thank you” - because this win isn’t just for us.
To spread our thank-you message across the state, we launched a series of live-action television commercials titled “Thank you, New York.” The series features three separate 30 second spots and a longer 60 second spot, all of which highlight our campaign tagline, “Thank you, New York.”
The commercials were produced by Annie Delano in conjunction with our advertising agency Overit Media and directed by Overit’s own, Solomon Nero. In addition, Overit’s Richard Skiermont acted as Creative Director.
But while the commercial was executed through an external agency, the idea around creating a live-action commercial all began in-house.
“We were humbled to win this award two years in a row and wanted to do something big to thank our customers and help them feel a part of it. Because at the end of the day, they’re the ones who made the win possible,” said Brand Development Supervisor Kelly Pylinski. “We thought a series of live-action commercials would best communicate the energy we were feeling from the campaign.”
All of the spots feature a representative of NYCM Insurance (New York-based actor, Nico Piccardo) appearing in peoples’ daily lives to hand-deliver a J.D. Power trophy, sharing the win with them as a pleasant surprise. A handful of different scenarios are featured throughout the series including: a woman ordering a meal at a drive-through restaurant, a librarian shelving books and a couple taking a leisurely jog through the suburbs.
All of the spots communicate a clear message (“This is for you!”), reiterating that while NYCM Insurance may be the one receiving the physical J.D. Power award, the honor of the award is a win for everyone in the NYCM ecosystem.
“We’re really proud of the message this series conveys,” said NYCM Insurance Vice President of Brand Management, Robert Snyder. “That’s why it’s the largest production we’ve ever pursued at NYCM Insurance. We believe it’s a story worth telling.”
All of the spots were shot over the course of two days at various locations in Albany, NY. To watch the spots, click on the button below. To read more about winning the J.D. Power Award and what it means for NYCM Insurance, click here