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Aug 28, 2020

How to Keep Your Dorm Room Germ-Free

Excited to head back to college but not so excited about the increased germ exposure that comes with living in a dorm? Here are some ways you can limit the number of germs in your dorm room this fall and help yourself stay healthy in the process:

Always Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands upon returning from class, after using the bathroom and before you eat. Washing your hands frequently will help leave germs in the sink and out of your room. When washing, use soap and be diligent that you are scrubbing all parts of your hand including the back of your hand, under your fingernails and up your wrists.

Sanitize Surfaces

Make a point to sanitize high-touch areas in your dorm room every evening before turning in for the night. Pay special attention to door handles, desk surfaces, closet handles, light switches and remotes.

Reduce Clutter

The more clutter you have lying around your dorm room, the more places germs have to lurk and hide. Organize papers into folders, place dirty laundry in a hamper and empty your garbage can often. Keeping a tidy room will also keep germs at bay.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

When you’re balancing classes, homework, work and extracurricular activities, cleaning can feel like an added burden. Create a cleaning schedule with your roommate and decide who is going to be responsible for cleaning what. When creating your cleaning schedule, include cleaning tasks such as “clean the mini fridge,” “wash out the coffee pot” and “sanitize all surfaces.”

Resist Your Urge to Share

Living with a roommate? While your parents may have taught you to share growing up, it’s important to forgo sharing personal items when battling germs. Avoid sharing items such as eating utensils, drinkware, combs and toothbrushes to keep germs from spreading.

Avoid Touching Your Face

One of the easiest ways to transfer germs to yourself is by touching your face. Many of us do this much more than we realize, which means you may need to take a conscious approach to limiting the number of times you put your hands near your mouth, nose and eyes.

Wear Shower Shoes

Using common-area bathrooms increases your risk of picking up germs. Always wear shower shoes to add a much-needed barrier between your feet and the surface of the common-area shower floor.

Wash Your Bedding Often

As gross as it sounds, your bed is a breeding ground for germs and dust mites. Make an effort to wash your bedding at least once a week to reduce germs and allergens.

Prioritize Your Health

While it won’t reduce germs, per say, taking care of yourself and strengthening your immune system is a great preventative method for avoiding illness. Eat well, stay active and get plenty of sleep and rest. You can also consider taking vitamin C tablets for an extra immune system boost during cold and flu season. Taking these steps won’t reduce your germ exposure, but they will help you fight them off.

Following these tips can help you keep a tidier dorm room and also stay healthy when back on campus. Seeking out even more germ-fighting tidbits? Check out our additional tips on staying germ-free by clicking the button below.