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Jan 8, 2020

An Overview of Our Award-Winning Employee Program: 365 Passport to Wellness

As an insurance company - and as human beings - we’re big believers in safety and overall wellness. For this reason, we’re proud to offer all of our employees an all-encompassing wellness program called 365 Passport to Wellness, which focuses on inspiring our team members to live a healthy lifestyle and find happiness by practicing wellness.
Read on to learn more about the program!
What is 365 Passport to Wellness?
365 Passport to Wellness is our award-winning employee wellness program. Through this program, we focus on all aspects of wellness: physical, mental, emotional, and financial! We included the “365” in the program title because we believe wellness is something we can and should commit to every day of the year.
Who can participate?
All of our employees at NYCM Insurance are encouraged to become Passport participants. During the 2022-2023 session we had 734 participants, with 419 of them receiving incentives and 297 of them reaching the top award tier.
We’re proud that the 2022-2023 program also had the highest number of participants to date!

How does the program work?
The 365 Passport to Wellness program is run on a point-based system - with points referred to as “stamps.” Every department throughout the company has a Wellness Advocate who communicates with them all of the different ways to earn stamps and helps them keep track of their progress. At the end of the year, everyone’s stamps are tallied up and those who score high enough become incentive winners. 

How do you earn stamps?
Because wellness is something that can affect every aspect of life, we believe stamp opportunities should be as diverse as everyone’s different lifestyles.
To encourage physical well-being, we give our employees stamps for walking on campus, using the on-site fitness facilities and participating in group walks or exercise classes.
Aside from physical health, we also have stamp opportunities that focus on mental wellness. We encourage employees to color or craft for stress relief, meditate for mindfulness and watch the occasional “Ted Talk” for inspiration. We’re also big on personal growth -- which is why we host quarterly informational seminars during lunch hours, called “Lunch & Learns” that focus on a variety of topics.
Wellness Advocates are also able to pick their own stamp opportunities for their teams. Some of the most memorable activities that employees have earned stamps for throughout the years include Human Hungry Hungry Hippo,  Frozen Turkey Bowling,  Easter egg hunts and pogo stick jumping.

How did the program come to be?
Prior to the 365 Passport to Wellness program, NYCM Insurance offered several wellness-related activities and benefits to employees, including the onsite Fitness Center, onsite WW meetings, and intermittent 6 to 12 week wellness challenges. Recognizing employees’ enthusiasm, our senior leadership realized that we could do more.
We recognized that to have the biggest impact, wellness had to become a lifestyle. We set out with the goal of creating a program that focused on wellness every single day - hence the 365 in the name! We also knew that our program had to be inclusive of all employees and all different wellness practices.
Member of our People Development Team, Amanda Loitsch has been heavily involved with the program for several years. She recalls Passport’s inception:
“We brought together the major players in our existing wellness network: WW, our Fitness Instructor, the Café, and our People Development Team. We brainstormed a way to implement our vision, and 365 Passport to Wellness was born.”
The program was proudly established on Oct. 1, 2013.

What do employees get for participating in the program?
We have four different incentive levels to encourage employee participation. What are the incentives? Monetary prizes that increase with the amount of stamps earned!
Although the platinum level - the highest achievable level - was initially created as a reach goal, the number of participants reaching the highest incentive level continues to increase year over year.

While we’re not in it for the recognition, we’re incredibly proud of the awards our 365 Passport to Wellness program has garnered. Receiving these awards is validation that we’re doing right by our employees and helping them to live their best lives possible.
Nation’s Best and Brightest in Wellness: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023
American Heart Association Fit Friendly Worksite Gold Achievement in 2014
American Heart Association Fit Friendly Worksite Platinum Achievement in 2015 and 2016
“NYCM’s goal for the wellness program has always been about creating a culture of happier, more energized and engaged employees who feel good to come to work every day, and who are excited about being a part of something that’s fun and healthy.” Amanda continued, thinking about the program.
“I feel proud. When people ask me where I work or what I do, it’s easy for me to share. I think most people want to have a positive impact on others’ lives, and I get to see proof of the impact I’m helping to foster.”
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