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Feb 17, 2022

NYCM Insurance Stories: Random Acts of Kindness

February 17 is National Random Acts of Kindness Day. At NYCM, random acts of kindness align with our North Star: a set of deep-rooted beliefs that are used to guide the decisions we make each day. The North Star we follow consists of five points including Purpose, Culture, Strategy, Ecosystem, and Leadership.

At NYCM, employees are encouraged to nominate their fellow team members on a company forum when they witness or hear about them leading by example or going out of their way to show acts of kindness and assistance. To commemorate National Random Acts of Kindness Day, we are highlighting some of these thoughtful, compassionate, and caring actions by NYCM team members living their North Star.

Paintings with Purpose

In January NYCM employees had the opportunity to purchase some of the prints and art adorning the walls of the Edmeston offices. For many employees, appreciating these prints of scenic overviews, floral arrangements, and wildlife scenes has been a part of their daily routine since the first of these prints was hung in 1962.


When news of the print sale arrived, Sheli Deming of our Customer Experience Team thought of one particular print near her former office space called “Evening Rehearsals” by Terry Redlin. The piece depicts a quiet winter scene of horse drawn carriages bathed in the town’s holiday lights.


Sheli had made her appreciation of the print known to her fellow Customer Experience Team member, Hannah Backus. She told Hannah how she found peace and comfort in the print, and when she was having an off-day, she’d always find herself navigating to it. One day the two were discussing the print sale and “Evening Rehearsals” when Hannah had some news to share.


“Hannah told me that she purchased that picture for me,” said Sheri. “She was so excited that she was able to do it.”


Sheli said she believes Hannah demonstrated her “Purpose” in giving her the piece.


“We work very well together,” said Sheli. “Hannah has a big heart and truly exemplifies genuine care for others. She truly went above and beyond for me, and I am looking forward to finding the right spot for my picture. Thank you, Hannah!”


Thank you, Hannah, for your thoughtfulness and for following your North Star!


Charitable Champions


When New Year’s Day passes, people tend to change their focus from the giving spirit that comes with the holiday season to more personal aspirations of self-improvement and other independent resolutions for the year to come. For many people this is a welcomed change; a sort of spring cleaning for one’s own psyche. But for others, looking out for those in need is a yearlong priority.


Two of those people are the NYCM Special Investigation Unit’s own Mike Mura and Amanda Scaturo. After Mike and Amanda won their team’s fantasy football championship league this January, they were looking for a way to commemorate such a hard-fought accomplishment. They decided what better way than to make a joint donation to the Sherburne Christmas Cares Committee?


The Christmas Cares Committee is a charitable organization founded by NYCM employees in our Sherburne office about 25 years ago. The committee holds a variety of fundraisers every year to raise money to purchase Christmas gifts for local families in need. Last year, the Christmas Cares Committee anonymously donated gifts, food, and candy to 46 children and their families.


Christmas Cares Committee and Special Investigations Unit member Kathy Wagner said because of Mike and Amanda’s generous donation, the committee now has a great start to its fundraising for the 2022 holiday season.


“It wasn’t a matter of having to or doing the right thing,” said Wagner. “It was the selfless act of wanting to make a difference in the lives of children.”


Thank you, Mike and Amanda, for maintaining your giving spirit and for following your North Star!


Cold Snap Companion


This winter season has seen more than its fair share of cold snaps and conditions conducive to frozen pipes, leaving some homeowners worried about maintaining the heat in their homes and ensuring their pipes don’t freeze and burst.


The extreme cold weather may have been just an inconvenience for some, but for others, it has been a serious threat to their property and comfort. When Erin Pondolfino of our Customer Experience Team learned that one of her fellow team members was without their furnace and was using fireplaces and space heaters to stay warm following some flooding issues last year, she decided she had to do something to help.


Amy Pavelka of Customer Experience said, “Erin immediately started planning a way to help our team member, knowing the discomfort and potential pipe issues this could cause. She ended up delivering firewood to this person on her day off. What a great showing of genuine care for others and embracing community.”


Thank you, Erin, for looking out for your teammates and for following your North Star!


It’s not uncommon to hear of stories like these when it comes to NYCM Insurance employees. To learn more about our culture, click here.