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Nov 6, 2018

Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter Weather

If you’ve experienced a winter in the northeast you know how challenging it can be. You have to be prepared for anything, and this preparation starts early in the fall.

Here are a few things you might want to consider to get your vehicle prepared for a tough NY winter:

Have your vehicle’s battery tested
A car that won’t start is one story, but a car that won’t start in the winter is a completely different story. Have your vehicle’s battery tested early-on to ensure you aren’t stranded with an inoperable vehicle in below freezing conditions.

Consider having your vehicle under coated.
The salt used on New York roads to melt ice is tough on our vehicles. Having your vehicle undercoated each season can lessen the damages caused by salt and result in a longer lasting and better working vehicle during and after the winter weather.

Change out your tires
Good tires can make a dramatic difference in safe travel on snow and ice-covered roads. Consider changing out your tires for studded or chained snow tires that are designed to handle winter conditions much better than standard tires. PRO TIP: buy rims for your snow tires and avoid an additional fee for placing the tires on your standard rims each year.

Check the capability of your vehicle’s heating system
It might be dumb luck, but your heater may work fine all year long, and die on you right when you need it most, in the dead of winter. You’ll be thanking yourself in the end when you have a technician look over your heating system and resolve any issues before the winter weather starts.

Restock and load your winter safety kit
Having a snow brush, small shovel, gloves, hat, and hand warmers are all crucial items to add to your standard vehicle safety kit during this time of year. 

 Check and swap fluids
Thankfully there are plenty of fluids designed specifically for winter weather. Antifreeze, and windshield washer fluid are two you will definitely want to ensure are full for the upcoming winter, and also plan to have extra on hand for when you run out.

Driving in a NY winter is challenging to say the least — but being prepared ahead of time makes all of the difference.

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