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Mar 27, 2020

Thank you, New York! Launching Billboards Across the State

This year we were humbled and proud to receive the  J.D. Power award for ranking #1 in Customer Satisfaction Among Auto Insurers in New York, two years in a row. To celebrate, we launched a multichannel campaign to thank New York State for honoring us with this recognition and - as part of the campaign - have released a series of billboards throughout the state. As with the rest of the campaign, the imagery and messaging on the billboard design is centered around the idea of thanking New York State residents for recognizing NYCM Insurance and contributing to our J.D. Power award win.

Our Thank you, New York billboards were placed at the following locations:

Route 12, North Norwich, New York
If you are heading north on Route 12 during the daytime, it is hard to miss our bright orange Thank you, New York billboard. We chose this location for the billboard mainly because it is near our Sherburne office. Many of the NYCM Insurance employees who work in Sherburne commute from the Norwich area daily and see the billboard while travelling to work. Our aim is to show these employees our gratitude for the part each of them played in helping us provide superior service to our customers and, in doing such, secure our J.D. Power award win.

In addition to catching the attention of our employees, we also hope that our customers recognize our billboard ads. Norwich is home to a few attractions and is often seen as one of the commercial hubs for people living in Chenango County and the surrounding area. Because of the traffic Norwich attracts, we hope that our customers in the area will see this billboard and recognize our gratitude for the role they played in awarding NYCM Insurance the J.D. Power award for #1 in Customer Satisfaction Among Auto Insurers in New York,  two years in a row.

Interstate 88, Oneonta, New York
If you are travelling through Oneonta, New York on Interstate 88, then you  have a good chance of seeing our Thank you, New York advertisement on a bright electronic billboard. This is our first time ever using an electronic billboard and we have been advertising on this real estate through the Blip advertisement platform. Through this platform, we are able to directly control the amount of times our ads appear on the electronic screen and what time of day they appear. This allows us to tailor our advertisements to our specific desired audience.

Since we are aiming to thank our customers, we chose this location because Oneonta is a main commercial hub in Otsego County. Many of our customers reside in this area and will be exposed to our Thank you, New York messaging whenever they drive on Interstate 88. This location also allows us to thank our employees. Many of the people who commute to  our Edmeston, NY  headquarters drive through Oneonta daily. Another main perk of using this billboard is that the light that it gives off allows us to display our message of gratitude during both day and night.

Canajoharie, New York

Canajoharie is home to another NYCM Insurance office location. Because of this, it fits our criteria for a Thank you, New York billboard location. If you are driving along Groff Road just outside of town, keep an eye out for this billboard. Our hope is that employees and customers in Montgomery county see this J.D. Power messaging and recognize that they have played an important part in our campaign and our success as a team.

Orchard Park, New York
If you find yourself in the Buffalo area, you might pass by our Thank you, New York billboard in Orchard Park. This billboard is situated on the corner of Southwestern Boulevard and McKinley Parkway. It is digital, so you should have no problem seeing it no matter what time of day you drive past.

Through these four billboards, we hope to project our feelings of gratitude for our employees and customers for helping us to win the J.D. Power award for #1 in Customer Satisfaction Among Auto Insurers in New York, two years in a row.

Have you seen these billboards or any other NYCM Insurance advertisements? Let us know by leaving a comment below or on social media.

New York Central Mutual received the highest score in New York in the J.D. Power 2018-2019 U.S. Auto Insurance Satisfaction Studies of customers’ satisfaction with their auto insurance provider. Visit