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Apr 29, 2019

New Teen Driver Tips for Parents

New Teen Driver?  Follow these tips and tricks to keep them as safe as possible on the roads.

It can be a very exciting, overwhelming and even nerve-wracking experience when it comes time for your teen to start driving.  Let’s face it – driving is dangerous.  Car accidents are among the highest causes of death among humans, and putting your inexperienced child on the road is scary.

Did you know?  1 out of every 5 teen drivers have an accident of some type within their first year of driving.  Perhaps this is because they haven’t had enough practice, don’t know the correct safety precautions, or don’t take safety seriously enough.
Statistics have shown that the number one influence on teen drivers is their parents/guardians.  If you aren’t practicing safe driving techniques, it is likely that your teen will follow in your footsteps.  Do your part in keeping them safe by following all traffic laws and taking extra measures to ensure the safety of yourself and others while behind the wheel.

1. Talk to them 

Sit down and have a long talk with your child before they embark on this new freedom of driving.  Make sure they’re aware of how serious driving is.  Having the freedom to drive is a serious responsibility with huge consequences.  

2. Be a good role model 

As mentioned before, set good examples for your teen driver.  If they see you texting and driving, they will think they can do the same thing.  If you avoid the seatbelt, they will also follow in your footsteps.  If you are setting rules for your new teen driver, you should be following those same rules yourself.  Set good examples when your kids are young.

3. Practice, practice and more practice 

Whenever you get the chance, go out and practice with your teen driver.  Practice during the daylight, when it is dark out and during all types of weather.  Sure – taking your child out to drive during a snow storm can be terrifying – but it’s better to experience it with them for the first time rather than them learning those road conditions on their own.  There is no such thing as too much practice, so get as much in as you can!

4. Know the Law

Has your knowledge of the law become fuzzy over the years?  Traffic laws often change as well.  Do your research and know the rules of the road, new and old.  You want to be sure you are providing the correct information.

5. Additional education 

You may think that you’ve taught your child all there is to know about driving, but chances are there is something you’ve missed.  Defensive driving courses, Driver’s Education, safety programs and other classes will give your child additional information and practice that they need.  Enrolling your teen in these courses can help give you a little more peace of mind when they head out to drive on their own.  

There is no doubt about it – the thought of your teen driving is scary.  However, with these tips you can be assured you’re providing your child with the knowledge and information they need to keep safe on the roads.  Good luck!