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Jun 18, 2019

Keeping Your Home Free of Summer Pests

Keep your home free of summer pests with these tips:

When we think of summer we think of days at the lake or pool, warm weather, outside barbeques and longer days. While the warm weather is surely something to enjoy, the heat can bring out pests that can be both annoying and harmful to you and your belongings.

1.  Ants

Why do we notice ants in the summer and not in the winter? Cool temperatures make ants inactive, so they aren’t moving around and into our houses. Since they are inactive during the cold months, they spend the entire spring and summer preparing for the next hard winter. Therefore, they are constantly in search of food, which is the reason they find their way into your home.

Ants are extremely small creatures, so it may be hard to pinpoint the exact spot where they are entering. If you notice a small hole or area where there are many ants present, it would be a good idea to seal it. The most helpful tip to keep ants away from your house is to keep counters, sinks, and floors as clean as possible and free of any crumbs or water. Some people believe that coffee grounds or cinnamon powder around corners and edges of floors/walls helps to keep ants away.

2. Rodents

A common myth is that rodents tend to enter your house only during the winter to stay warm. While this is partially true, they are just as likely to break in during warmer months. During the summer, they aren’t looking for warmth or shelter, rather food and water. The same advice goes for mice as it does for ants – keep your house as crumb-free as possible. Some people believe that the smell of peppermint deters mice from coming around. An essential oil diffuser with peppermint may be helpful!

3. Ticks & Fleas

Illnesses from tick and flea bites have increased drastically in the past few years. While most people think fleas and ticks are only a pest for your pets, they are also harmful to humans. Fleas and ticks tend to live in long, grassy areas and fields, so keeping your lawn freshly mowed/raked is helpful.

Inside the home, make sure to vacuum carpets and rugs often as they are a potential home for fleas and ticks to live. A flea collar is a good barrier against these parasites for your pet.

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