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Jun 21, 2023

How to Keep Your Home Pest- Free

Summer days are often spent on the water, enjoying warm weather, barbeques, and sunsets. While summertime does bring sunny days filled with opportunities to make memories, it can also bring some less-than-desirable house guests. Continue reading to learn more about keeping your home pest-free this season!



You might be wondering why we notice ants entering our homes in the summer and not in the winter. Ants are inactive during the cold months, so they spend the entire spring and summer preparing for the next hard winter. Therefore, they are constantly in search of food, which is the reason they find their way into your home.

Ants are extremely small creatures, which means it may be hard to pinpoint the exact spot from where they are entering. If you do happen to notice a small opening or area where there are many ants present, it’s best to seal off this point of entry. The most helpful tip to keep ants away from your house is to keep counters, sinks, and floors as clean as possible and free of any crumbs or water. Some people believe that coffee grounds or cinnamon powder around corners and edges of floors/walls helps to keep ants away. If you are starting to see a persistent issue with ants, it might be time to purchase ant traps. Be sure to keep these traps in areas that are not accessible to your children or your pets as most ant traps contain toxins that can be harmful to our health.



It is a common myth that rodents only attempt to enter your house during the winter months to stay warm: however they are just as likely to break in during warmer months. During the summer, they aren’t looking for warmth or shelter, rather food and water.  Mice will also be attracted to any bits of food that might be laying around the home, so it’s important to keep your counters and floors as crumb-free as possible. You might also consider putting food from your cabinets in air-tight containers.

Be sure to install door sweeps on all exterior doors and to repair any damaged window screens or glass. Mice will force themselves through the tiniest hole if it means finding dinner. You’ll want to seal any cracks in the exterior of your home using a combination of both steel wool and caulk.

If you suspect a pest infestation in your home, it’s best to contact a licensed pest professional to inspect and treat the problem as soon as possible. Mice can cause major damage to your home and could even cause a fire if they were to chew through your electrical wiring.


Ticks & Fleas

While most people think fleas and ticks are only a pest to your pets, they are also harmful to humans, so prevention is key. Fleas and ticks tend to live in long, grassy areas and fields, so you’ll want to keep any parts of your lawn that are close to your home freshly mowed. Trim back any bushes or high trees that may allow wild animals to set up camp near your home, as they will attract even more ticks and fleas.

Inside the home, make sure to vacuum carpets and rugs often as they are a potential home for fleas and ticks to live. A flea and tick collar can be a good barrier against these parasites for your pet, but they are not 100% effective. You should still be checking both yourself and your pets for ticks before coming inside. Pro-tip: consider rolling a lint roller over your pets’ fur and your clothes before entering your home and then change your outer layer to best prevent fleas and ticks from entering.

We know that keeping your home and family safe is of the utmost importance. For more summer related content and safety tips, check out the link below!