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Oct 4, 2019

10 Budget-Friendly DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner and you’re eager to get your home into spooktacular shape for the upcoming holiday. While your imagination might be running wild, your wallet may be feeling a little more restrained. 

Here are some ideas that are sure to put you and your visitors in the Halloween spirit without breaking the bank!

1. Carve a jack-o’-lantern

Would it even be Halloween if you didn’t carve a pumpkin or two? Pumpkins are relatively inexpensive and can be found at most grocery stores during the fall season. Be sure to also check out your local farmers’ market to get a better deal and support members of your community! 

2. Deck out your yard with a DIY graveyard

This one is a yard classic! Gather some cardboard, grey and black paint, a box cutter and paintbrushes. Cut the cardboard into the shapes of headstones and use paint and paintbrushes to give them a stone-like appearance. Once the base paint has dried, go back in with black paint to add details like “R.I.P.” Stake your headstones in the ground on Halloween night to give trick-or-treaters a scare! 

3. Make giant spiders 

Stuff black trash bags with newspaper or stuffing to create giant spider bodies! Fill additional trash bags lengthwise with stuffing and wrap the extra plastic to create legs. Use glue or pipe cleaners to attach the legs and the bottoms of Styrofoam cups for eyes. Place your giant spiders on the lawn with your graveyard or up in a tree to add an extra scare for neighborhood kids.

4. Stamp bloody footprints

Make your walkway extra creepy with faux bloody footprints! Paint the bottoms of your feet with washable red paint and walk down your walkway and up the porch stairs. Keep the paint on -hand while you’re walking as you will probably have to re-paint your feet!  

5. Turn milk jugs into ghosts 

Save up your milk jugs leading up to Halloween and recycle them into an army of ghosts! Use a black marker or paint to depict spooky faces on the jugs and illuminate them with white string lights for an ethereal effect. Set your ghosts up on your porch or line your walkway with them for a decoration that is sure to delight visiting goblins and ghouls! 

6. Transform egg cartons into bats

This one is especially great for kids! Cut egg cartons up, paint them black and add googly-eyes for a delightfully silly decoration. Use ribbon or string to hang bats from chandeliers and curtain rods.

7. Letter up some spooky sayings

Do you have a chalkboard or letterboard? Check out Pinterest for some seasonal lettering projects and get crafty! Make signs to warn little monsters who are visiting your home and prop signs up in your kitchen and living room for a festive display

8. Craft a candy corn garland

Use paint chips in shades of yellow and orange to cut and paste a sweet candy corn garland for your mantle or doorway. If candy corn isn’t your thing, you can also use paint chips to make a pumpkin garland.  

9. Mummify your front door

Tape overlapping white streamers all over your front door to create a mummified appearance. Cut pieces of black construction paper out for a face and prepare to petrify your guests. 

10. Spray paint a spooky wreath

Buy a cheap wreath at the store and spray paint it black or grey. Use a hot glue gun to attach fun accessories such as ghosts cut out from white felt or black ribbon.