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Dec 27, 2021

Holiday Décor Storage Solutions for Any Budget

Learn How to Store These 5 Common Holiday Decorations, Saving You Time and Money Next Season

Fast forward to next year’s holiday season and upon opening your stored Christmas decorations, you’re heartbroken to find boxes with damaged ornaments, tangled string lights, and chipped glass and ceramics. It’s safe to say that we have all experienced the horror and frustration of improperly packed supplies. The good news is your decorations can be saved by using proper storage techniques and can be done on a budget. 

Depending on the size of your home and whether you have the benefit of a garage or shed, storage methods differ for everyone! Check out some of the tips below to start brainstorming how you can store your decorations properly and enjoy them for years to come. 


Artificial Trees

Artificial trees are a great alternative to a real tree, but when it comes to storage, they can be a pain! The best way to store your artificial tree is in the box that it was purchased in! When returning it back to the original box, try to pack it in the reverse order or steps you took to unpack it. Getting the branches straight and back in the box can be tough but it is manageable. Try using objects already found in your home, such as rubber bands, to help keep them together.

String Lighting

First things first — when it comes to holiday lighting, it’s important to keep lights separate to prevent tangling. Nothing is worse than spending an excessive amount of time untangling string lights. Try wrapping lights of the same type around a rectangular piece of cardboard and securing them with a rubber band. For extra protection, wrap them in a paper towel or wrapping tissue before placing them in a box with other lighting elements. This way you can prevent them from getting tangled or breaking and still have them organized while in storage.


For sentimental, or fragile ornaments, it’s best to return them to their original packaging. For extra support, wrap them in bubble wrap, newspaper or tissue paper. Plastic, or less expensive ornaments, can also be stored in original packaging but won't necessarily require the added protection. If you no longer have the original packaging for those fragile ornaments, they can simply be wrapped in gift tissue. Keeping gift tissue and bubble wrap after opening presents is an easy way to save material and money. 

A plastic container is ideal when storing your ornaments together, but a leftover cardboard box will work in a pinch. It is important to keep in mind where you will be storing this box. Cardboard boxes will not hold up in damp locations, like a garage or basement, and may start to break down if stacked upon. You can also create organizational dividers for your ornaments out of objects already in your home, such as egg cartons, solo cups, corrugated boxes, or drink holders.

Glass and Ceramics

We all know how fragile any glass or ceramic object can be. When handling these decorations, always wrap them in bubble wrap or newspaper to prevent chipping or breakage. If they do break, the shards of glass or ceramic will be contained within the packaging and can be easily recycled or disposed of.


Outdoor Décor

With a variety of outdoor décor options comes a variety of storage solutions. For large inflatable decorations, always ensure that they are fully dried and stored in a tightly sealed container to prevent molding. Similarly, wreaths and outdoor Christmas trees should be stored in air-tight containers. Other items, for example wooden décor or sculptures, may not need to be wrapped and can be stored separately in the original packaging or a storage box.

Bonus Tips:

·    For organizational purposes, try packaging similar items together.

·    Always label boxes, especially those with fragile contents. This can be done with a marker and tape. No need for fancy label makers (unless you want one!).

·    Store items in a location where the temperature does not fluctuate.

·    Don’t be afraid to add extra padding with tissue paper, newspaper, or bubble wrap.

·    For tiny items, use sandwich baggies.

·    Store wrapping paper in large cardboard tubes to prevent tearing.

·    Remove batteries from decorations, as they can leak or degrade.

It’s important to always be mindful when taking down your holiday décor. By using these storage tips, you’ll not only save space, but also save time putting them back out next year! Now that you’ve got your Christmas decoration storage under control and are in the mood to organize, check out the link below to learn how to make the most out of a small living space!