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Nov 25, 2019

Artificial vs. Real Christmas Tree: The Pros and Cons

The holiday season is here! As we unpack our stored decorations and begin decorating for the upcoming festivities, we can’t forget about the Christmas tree! Before the creation of the Christian holiday, “Christmas,” trees and evergreen plants were used for many seasonal celebrations. Many believed evergreen repel evil spirits and sickness. Moving forward to 16th century Germany, people would build wooden, pyramid shaped like trees covered in evergreen plants or bring decorated trees into their homes in celebration of the holiday. Even in the past, some individuals preferred artificial trees.

At the start of the early 20th century, the artificial Christmas tree began to grow in popularity. Today, the percentage of homes with real versus artificial trees is about 50/50.  The debate between real versus artificial Christmas trees is a tough one, and everyone has their own reasons for their tree of choice. We laid out some of the pros and cons of each, to make it easier for you when deciding on a tree this year!

After purchasing, always ensure that you are transporting your tree to its destination safely and once there, it is placed away from heating elements and electrical cords to prevent a potential fire.

We know that lighting the tree is just as important as decorating! When thinking about holiday lighting, always inspect lights beforehand and see if the wattage is compatible with your electrical sockets and the tree itself. Some artificial trees are made with chemicals that can cause a fire when in contact with other chemicals or heat, so it’s best to read the manufacturers label on the lights to be safe.

We understand that making the decision can be difficult but hope that this pros and cons comparison can help you and your family decide on the perfect tree.

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