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Jul 5, 2021

Tips for Planning a Vacation

As restrictions for Covid-19 are lifted in many areas of the country, people are eager to take a well-deserved vacation. Whether you’re taking a road trip across the country or escaping to a local retreat, there is a lot to prepare for. We’ve put together some tips and tricks to help to make your next vacation as stress-free as possible. Read below to learn more!


Ask Yourself These Questions First

Whether you want a beach getaway, a trip to the mountains, or a family-friendly experience, ask yourself ask yourself the following questions when deciding on you vacation destination:


1.  How long do you want to be away from home?

Budget, work schedule, and house sitter availability are all factors when considering how long you want to be gone for.


2.  What are the safety ratings of your desired location?

Doing a little research on areas to visit and areas to avoid around your desired location is important for your overall safety. Being mindful and practicing situational awareness while on vacation is also key.


3.  What is the weather forecast?

Scoping out the weather can help when packing outfits, knowing what days to do outdoor activities, and being prepared while en route if you are driving to your location.


4.  Will I need a rental car?

Whether you are flying and want a rental car to drive around your vacation town or simply don’t want to add miles to your personal vehicle, being prepared to rent a vehicle is important. Check out this link to learn more about the ins-and-outs of renting a vehicle.


5.  Where should I stay?

Whether you’re renting a hotel room, an entire rental home, or maybe renting a camping site, it’s important to know what each requires of you beforehand. Consider down payments, items needed, and how much you are willing to bring along with you. For example, hotels usually come with everything you need to stay comfortably in terms of sheets and towels, however, a rental property may require you to bring those items.


What activities are nearby?

Making sure there are activities you’re interested in nearby can also help you to determine where you stay or visit. Do your research and ask friends who may have visited the location what they recommend. You can also ask locals once you arrive for inside tips on things to do and see. Pro tip: depending on the duration of your trip, consider doing activities each day tailored to the people you’re traveling with to make unique memories for everyone.


How Can I Prepare Financially for a Vacation?

Transportation, hotels, excursions, and dining are all factors that may induce financial stress and cause you to dig deep into your wallet for your dream vacation. Here are some tips to help avoid this stress and be prepared for the cost of your trip ahead of time:


1.  Cut down on expenses ahead of time.

Evaluate your current bills to see if there are subscriptions that could be canceled or downgraded to start saving each month. It may also be tempting to order takeout, but meal prepping or planning meals in advance is more cost-effective. While making your morning latte at home may not feel worth it at the time, you’ll thank yourself for the extra cash on hand in paradise!


2.  Plan well in advance.

Calculate how much you want to save for your vacation and how long it will take you to get there.  You can also categorize your vacation savings as a necessary expense such as rent or insurance and “pay yourself” every month to pay for your trip ahead of time.


3.  Every penny counts!

Put any spare change that you find lying in a jar and, prior to your trip, convert it into cash! Although this is not likely to pay for your entire trip, it will provide some funds for spending cash.


4.  Increase your income if possible.

Whether a family member needs a babysitter, a neighbor is seeking help to mow their lawn, or by selling old items, there are various methods to increase your income that will help you save for your dream vacation.


For more budgeting tips, click here


How Can I Prepare My Home Before Taking a Vacation?

There are many details that are important to take care of prior to leaving for your vacation. Having someone trusted to watch your house while you are away helps to ensure things stay as they should.  Needless to say, pets should be taken care of daily, but depending on the season you may have plants, sidewalks and driveways, or just general wellness checks around your property


It’s also nice to come home to a clean house after being away.  Consider tackling a deep-clean, doing the laundry, cleaning out the fridge and taking out all trash in preparation of your return home.


Lastly, reviewing your insurance policy before you embark on your trip is useful to know your coverages, not only for your home, but your vehicle or your potential rental vehicle as well.


Planning a vacation can be easier with the use of these tips. Knowing that your home is covered when unfortunate situations strike will give you a peace of mind, no matter where you go. Click the link below to find a local insurance agent near you.