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May 22, 2019

Summer Safety Series: Lawn Care Safety

When the snow finally melts and the rain showers settle, grass begins to grow, which means it’s time to restart your lawn care routine. For some, this might be a hassle, but for others, this may be a fun hobby. Whatever it might be for you, the importance of safety remains the same.

This list of tips will help keep you safe while you manicure your property:

  1. Walk your property before beginning - A quick walk around where you’ll be mowing or weed whacking can help you find things that may have landed on your property without you knowing. You wouldn’t want to be on a riding lawn mower near your road and accidentally drive over a big rock or stick that has found its way on to your lawn. A quick walk around your property will help uncover these items and more -- protecting you, your lawn and machinery.

  2. Inspect your tools - Whether you’re using a riding lawn mower, push mower, weed whacker, or other equipment, you should always look it over prior to use to avoid injury to yourself and others nearby. Here are a few things you’ll want to check out:
      Blade/cord condition
      Tire air pressure
      Oil and fuel levels
Not entirely sure what you’re looking for? Consult the owner’s manual or have it looked over by a professional.

  1. Leave it to a pro - No matter how handy you might be, there are some things that are better handled by a professional. If in your prior-to-use inspection you notice that something might be broken or not in working order, start by consulting your owner’s manual. If a simple fix isn’t outlined in the manual, consult a professional to resolve any issues. Additionally, you’ll want to have your mowers routinely maintained by a professional even for just a quick tune up before the start of lawn care season.

  2. Dress appropriately - Ear and eye protection might seem ridiculous but they are two protective items that can make a huge impact, protecting your eyes from objects that may shoot up from the mower and your ears from the loud, continued noise emitted from the machinery. Additionally, it is important to cover exposed skin, especially while weed whacking when your feet will be close to the machinery. Wear footwear that covers your feet completely (tied tight) and don’t forget to wear a hat and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun.

  3. Turn it off – Stepping away to move an object or grab a quick beverage? Never leave your equipment running when unattended. Turn it off before stepping away.

  4. Be responsible and respectful - If your property falls on both sides of a road, be especially cautious when near the road or crossing it. Additionally, you might want to add a SMV (Slow Moving Vehicle) sticker to your riding mower to help alert vehicles on the road. It’s also important to remember that while lawn care tools are helpful, they are also dangerous. Be aware of your surroundings and never allow children to use, ride or be near these tools when in use.

Safety is key in avoiding unnecessary incidents. Use these tips to keep you and your family safe this lawn-care season!