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Jul 1, 2020

How to Help your Child Start Their Own Lemonade Stand

Few things conjure up American nostalgia like the sight of a child’s lemonade stand parked on their parents’ front yard, and young workers selling iced cups of refreshment to passersby. If you have a child who is interested in starting up their own side hustle lemonade stand this summer, then you may be wondering how to best help them get started.

Read on for tips to help your child get their lemonade business dreams off the ground.

Start with the Basics

Before agreeing to let your child start their own lemonade stand, there are a few basic business principles that you should go over with them first.
-        Teach them the difference between revenue and profit. After all, those lemonade supplies aren’t going to buy themselves! Before building a stand, consider whether or not you will be footing the supply bill or if your child will be responsible for providing money to purchase supplies from their earnings. This is a great learning opportunity for children to understand some basic principles of business. As you’re having this discussion, this is also a great time to discuss product pricing. Decide together how much your child should charge per cup.
-        Decide on location. Do you live in a populated area with a lot of foot traffic? If so, great! Your front yard is probably optimum lemonade stand real estate. If not though, then your child may need to consider a different location, being respectful of course of private property. Another ideal solution would be if a relative who lives in a more populated area would be willing to let your child set up shop in their yard. However, this option is best pursued by older children who don’t need as much supervision.
-        Set hours. As fun as running a lemonade stand may sound to your child, chances are their perspective will change if they’re sitting at the stand all day, every day while their friends are getting together during playdates. Set realistic time slots for your child to spend at their lemonade stand, perhaps focusing on times when there will be more foot traffic, such as the end of the workday or on the weekend. Help your child make an “hours of operation” sign to post on their stand.

Build the Lemonade Stand

From a decked-out mini-farmers market setup to a simple card table, help your child put together a stand they can use to sell their beverages from. Here are some ideas:
-        Folding table. If you have a folding table, help your child safely set it up in the yard. Cover the table in a festive summer tablecloth (use a couple of rocks to hold it down in case the wind picks up!) and place a couple of folding chairs behind the table. Simple as that!
-        Construct a top-of-the-line lemonade stand. If you’re particularly handy and wouldn’t mind taking on another project, Lowe’s has a great template for building an old-fashioned lemonade stand, complete with an awning and built-in cooler. Check out the instructions here!
-        Personalize and decorate. No matter how simple or fancy the stand ends up being, encourage your child to decorate the stand and make it their own. Get creative with paint, decking out the stand in fun colors and add a festive sign or banner advertising fresh lemonade. As mentioned above, make sure to also create and post a sign that publicizes the hours of operation.

Gather Supplies

Your child is all set with a business plan and a stand for selling -- now it’s time to start gathering supplies to make the magic happen! Here’s a list of basic supplies your child will need to run their lemonade stand:
-        Fresh lemons, water and sugar (check out our lemonade recipe below!)
-        Small saucepan and wooden spoon
-        Lemon juicer
-        Pitcher
-        Paper or Plastic Cups
-        A tin to collect money and make change
-        Ice
-        Cooler

Keep Safety Top of Mind

As strong-willed as your little entrepreneur may be, it’s up to you to make sure they’re staying safe on the daily grind. Here are some important safety tips to keep in mind:
-        Fight off summer rays. Always make sure your child applies sunscreen before spending time out in the summer sun.
-        Keep an eye out. If your children are older, then you probably don’t have to physically sit at the stand with them, but make sure you’re always keeping an eye out while they’re working. Remind them to come get you if they feel scared or uncomfortable at any point in time. If you have concerns and especially if your children are on the younger side, make a point to always be outside while your child is working their lemonade stand. Sit nearby and read a book or take the time to get some yard work done within eyeshot.
-        Remind them the rules of the road. Make sure your child knows to stay a safe distance from the road and to never cross without your assistance.

One last - but very important - piece to consider is the lemonade itself! Click on the button below to download a tried-and-true lemonade recipe that’s sure to please and bring in many happy customers.