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Dec 9, 2021

Transporting Your Christmas Tree: Tips for a Safe & Joyful Holiday Outing

Did you know that the tradition of putting up a Christmas tree first began in 16th Century Germany? Even before then, ancient people across the world thought that trees that held their green year-round were special and believed them to ward off witches and evil spirits. Even today, for many of us, the holiday season wouldn’t be the same without a Christmas tree in the home. Shining with lights and adorned with sentimental ornaments as it decorates the family room and welcomes visitors, a Christmas tree brings undeniable warmth to the home it resides in.

While artificial trees have risen in popularity, there are still many people who prefer the smell, tradition and general vibe of a real evergreen. If you’re thinking about getting a real tree this Christmas, keep these safety tips in mind to help your trip to the tree farm and back be as seamless as possible.

Before Heading to the Tree Farm

Pack the essentials for transporting your tree. This includes bungee cords, rope or cord to hold the tree down, a tarp or blanket to spare your vehicle’s paint from being scratched and a pair of gloves for whoever will be handling the tree. Depending on the variety, those needles can get prickly!

Keep the little ones happy. Turn tree hunting into a memorable family event! Pack a thermos of hot cocoa and some Christmas cookies to enjoy on your ride out to the farm.

Pick the perfect playlist. Tune in to the perfect holiday-themed playlist and sing along to all of your favorites as you jingle on your way. Queueing up your playlist ahead of time will help you avoid distracted driving.

At the Farm

You’ve found the perfect tree! Now it’s time to get it wrapped up and strapped onto your vehicle so that you can head home and get it decorated.

Have your tree netted before putting it on your vehicle. This will make it much easier to manage. Many tree farms will offer to help you net your tree before departing.

Lay a blanket or tarp down on top of your vehicle. Having this layer between the tree and your car will help protect your vehicle’s paint from being scratched by pine needles.

Tie it down. Use rope or cord to tie the tree down to your vehicle’s roof rack or cargo hooks.

Before you leave, give the tree a good tug. Giving the tree a quick yank will help you ensure that the tree is secure on the top of your vehicle.

On the Way Home

Drive slow. Don’t forget, you have a tree strapped to the top of your car! The extra weight can affect your vehicle’s center of gravity.

Take the long way home! To help you take your time, avoid major highways and highly-trafficked roads.

Haven’t yet decided whether or not you want to commit to a real Christmas tree? Check out our pros and cons list!