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Dec 6, 2019

10 Indoor Holiday Decor Safety Tips

‘Tis the season to be jolly! If you’re planning on celebrating the holidays this year, then chances are you also have plans to decorate your home to reflect the spirit of the season. Whether you’re planning a gingerbread palace, a winter wonderland or an interior design that could only be rivaled by Mrs. Claus herself, it’s important to always keep safety in mind when planning and executing your seasonal home decor.

Follow these safety tips to keep your home both safe and festive this holiday season:

  1. Keep your tree well hydrated! If you’ve opted for a real tree this year, it’s important to keep it adequately watered to reduce your risk of fire. A dry tree will ignite much more easily and quicker than a well-watered tree. Check your tree’s water level every other day to ensure it’s getting the hydration it needs.
  1. Look for the label. If you’re skipping the real tree this year and plan on going artificial, check to make sure your artificial fir or pine bears a “fire resistant” label.
  1. Use unbreakable ornaments. Small hands or rowdy pets can be a recipe for broken glass. If you plan on using fragile, breakable ornaments, place them towards the top of your tree.
  1. Be mindful of poisonous plants. Poinsettias are a popular gift as well as decoration around the holidays. Unfortunately, they are also toxic. If you plan on displaying a poinsettia in your home, be mindful to keep it out of reach from pets and children. Other toxic holiday plants include holly and mistletoe.
  1. Opt for flameless solutions. There’s nothing quite like the twinkle of candlelight; but candles pose a serious fire risk. This holiday, opt for flameless solutions like artificial candles to bring the warm glow into your home and oil diffusers for seasonal scents.
  1. Place cords strategically. Between lights and other electronic decorations, you’re bound to have a few cords lying around this holiday season. Do your best to keep cords in low-trafficked areas to reduce the risk of tripping. Also, avoid twisting or crushing cords to lessen damage.
  1. Keep lights on a timer. Lights produce heat and should therefore never be left unattended. Keep your lights on a timer to keep you and your home safe and relieve the stress of having to worry about turning them off. Read more on holiday lighting safety here.
  1. Keep your chimney clean. Help Santa out and reduce your risk of fire by keeping your chimney and fireplace clean. A good rule of thumb is to have your chimney cleaned by a professional every year. Read more on chimney safety here.
  1. Be smart when using your fireplace. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...until it was time to start a fire, of course! If you’re planning on using your fireplace, be sure to remove stockings and other objects that may be dangerously close to an open flame.
  1. Clean regularly. We know the holidays are a busy time of year but all of the extra ornamentation in your home can really collect dust! Believe it or not, allowing dust to build up increases your risk of a home fire. Take a half hour each week to clean around decorations and manage the dust in your home.
Following these tips will help you enjoy the merriment of a well-decorated holiday home without the stress of safety risks!