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Mar 5, 2020

DIY Project: Make Your Own Birdseed Mix [Video]

Whether you’re an avid bird watcher or perhaps just enjoy the outdoors, feeding birds is a great way to support your local ecosystem and enjoy wildlife. Not to mention, bird watching is a great pastime to enjoy with children while you teach them about nature. 

But what’s even better than feeding the birds? Doing so with a mix that you made yourself! Making your own birdseed is a simple way to enjoy crafting. It also allows you to be creative with your ingredients and attract different varieties of birds to your feeder. This is especially helpful to your local ecosystem during the winter when food is scarce.

What seeds should I use for making my own birdseed mix?

Just like people's food - not all bird seed mixes are created equally! It’s common when purchasing bird seed to find many varieties chocked full of “filler” seeds - or seeds that may not be suited to your area and will quickly find themselves discarded on the ground for squirrels to pick up instead.

Creating a mix full of high-quality ingredients will make sure that you’re putting out food the birds will enjoy no matter where you live, and you’ll be able to observe which seeds are more popular than others among your feathered crowd.

Here are some of the seeds that we recommend when making your own mix and some information about each:

   Black oil sunflower seeds - This seed is best known for its ability to attract a wide variety of birds. It provides a high level of energy for its consumers and its thin shell makes it easy for even small bird species to crack open.
   White proso millet - This small, inexpensive grain is great for feeding backyard birds as it attracts a wide variety of birds. Its low price point also makes it great for creating bird seed mixes.
   Sunflower chips - Sunflower chips are extremely versatile and can be enjoyed by all seed-eating birds. The other great thing about sunflower chips is that they don’t have any shells, which means no mess under your feeder!

How to make your own birdseed mix
Putting together your own birdseed mix is a simple craft, making it the perfect activity for novice crafters and children alike. Check out our recipe for a versatile, high-quality bird seed mix that is sure to attract a variety of birds:

Here’s what you’ll need:
       2 cups of black oil sunflower seeds
       2 cups of white proso millet
       2 cups sunflower chips
       A measuring cup
       A bucket, large bowl or container with a lid
       Small bird feeder

  1. Gather all of your supplies.

  2. Mix all of the ingredients together. If you’re using a bowl or bucket, use a spoon to stir the different seeds together. If you have a container with a lid, place the lid on the container and shake until the seeds are well mixed.

  3. Pour the birdseed mix into your small bird feeder.

Note: If you would like to make a larger batch of birdseed, just increase your ingredient amount proportionally.

Once your feeder is full of birdseed, hang it where birds can easily access it. Be sure to grab your binoculars and enjoy watching birds appreciating the treat you have prepared for them.