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Apr 1, 2020

4 DIY Home Repair Projects You’ll be Glad You Finished

If you have recently found yourself spending more time at home, you might start noticing small defects and inconveniences around your house. Here are some examples of small do it yourself home repair projects you may benefit from:

Unclog sluggish shower drains

Are you noticing that you are ankle-deep in water halfway through your shower? Prevent your showers from turning into baths by unclogging your shower drains without calling the plumber. This is a common occurrence, since it is easy for hair, grease and other unwanted grime to get caught in pipes. There are several tried and true methods for clearing out shower drains. These methods include pouring boiling water down the drain, using a plumber’s snake to fish out unwanted gunk, using a plunger, and pouring store-bought plumbing chemicals down the drain.

You can also take some preventative measures to ensure that your drains do not clog as easily. One popular tool that can keep your shower drain from clogging is the hair catcher. These devices can be easily installed under your shower drain cover. They help to keep your drain clear by straining all of the hair and other grime, making it more likely that only water enters your pipes. Hair catchers are also easy to clean out and replace. Simply remove or unscrew your drain cover and place the hair catcher in the entrance to the drain. Put the drain cover back on top of the catcher and installation is complete.

Fix loud cabinet doors

Do your drawers and cabinet doors slam shut every time you close them? Then it might be time to apply new door and drawer bumpers to them. This is a very simple and cost-effective solution. Simply peel the bumpers from the package and stick them onto the corners of the cabinets and drawers. These bumpers can be purchased online and at most major home improvement retailers.

Alternatively, you may opt for soft-close drawer slides and cabinet doors. These can be more expensive and more challenging to install but can be more effective at eliminating any slamming or banging noises. Whichever option you choose will be sure to add to the stealthiness of your midnight snack run.

Cover up ceiling stains

Are ceiling water stains catching your eye every time you look upward? Covering them up might be less of a chore than you think. Go to your local home improvement store and pick up some ceiling stain sealer. This product is generally sold as an aerosol spray and is designed to cover up those water stains, while ensuring that water does not leak through again. Many ceiling stain sealers are made to blend in with the color of aged ceilings, so it should make the stain indistinguishable from the rest of the ceiling. Applying the sealer is simple. Just point it up at the water stain and spray. Before applying the sealer, make sure that you use tarps to cover up any nearby walls or furniture. After the stain has been sealed, it is important that you figure out what the source of the stain was so you can prevent further stains on your ceiling.

Remove sticky buildup from wood surfaces

Older pieces of furniture like tables and drawers that have wood surfaces can sometimes become sticky as they age. A product that can help to remove this sticky buildup is gulf wax. Gulf wax is commonly used for canning and making candles, but it can also remove stickiness with ease. Take the block of wax and simply rub it back and forth along the entire wood surface until the stickiness is gone and it becomes smooth. This is a simple tip that can make a big difference.

Use these simple DIY tips to keep yourself busy while improving your home!