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Apr 4, 2020

Tips for Working from Home While Social Distancing

The novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, may have placed you in your home office for the time being. While working from home might sound easy off the bat, you may quickly realize you miss your desk space, routine and friends. We’re here to provide a few tips for working from home if you aren’t used to it, and how to make the most of your time while doing so.

Set up the ultimate home office space.

If you work from home every now and then, you might enjoy the luxury of working from your couch. This can be a comfortable way to work short term, but for long term at-home productivity, setting up a designated home office space is key. 

It can be as simple as designating your dining room table as your new work desk. Clear it from your home items and replace those with sticky notes and pens for easy note taking. Position a fun picture frame and a lamp for added “office” decor. Make your space as work-like as possible to keep you focused during the day.

If you’re accustomed to an office chair or standing desk, improvise! Bring your laptop to your kitchen counter for a few hours to stretch out. Put some pillows on your dining chair to make it more comfortable. Maybe most importantly, settle into your new office space where you have as little distraction as possible to keep you focused during the day. For more tips on how to create the perfect home office, click here!

Speaking of staying focused...

Is your work space in the middle of your laundry folding area? Do you have a direct line of sight to your sink full of dishes? Do your best to keep your workspace as neat and distraction-free as possible . While working from home may have you catching up on household chores, instead of chatting with co-workers or commuting to the office, make sure they don’t interfere with your workday.

Are your kids home, too?

Most likely if you have kids, they’re home for a while, too. Depending on their age, they might be able to fend for themselves with little oversight, or maybe they’re still in diapers. Either way, you have to go with the flow and build them into your work day. For babies, your work area might have to be an enclosed space with plenty of toys for your little crawler to play with throughout the day. For adolescents, make sure there are lots of healthy snacks, movies, books and activities to keep them occupied. Try sticking to a routine as much as possible. Make the most of this time by having lunch together and take breaks to do a craft with them when your schedule allows. Interested in ways to stay busy with your kids while social distancing? Click here!

Build movement into your day.

Working from home probably means fewer daily steps; small things like missing the walk from your car to your desk or to lunch and back can impact your activity. It’s also especially easy to sit down in the morning only to look up and see that  it’s suddenly well into the afternoon. Activity is important to maintain, especially during a pandemic. Schedule time during your lunch to go for a walk around your neighborhood, or download a fitness app and do a 30 minute workout in your living room. Do five-minute laps around your home throughout the day when you can. Staying active is imperative to both your physical and mental health.

Stay in touch.

Working from home can have its advantages, but can also be quiet if you're a social person. Online collaboration tools make it easier than ever to stay personally connected while working. If you find yourself missing daily face to face chats with coworkers, set aside some time to catch up on a video conference or send an instant message to a friend during the day. Even if you aren’t feeling any adverse side effects from social distancing, you may have a coworker who is. Check in with each other, talk often and seek help if you are feeling out of the loop. 

Working from home can be both comfortable and convenient. While we all hope to return back to normal as soon as possible, make the most of your experience and enjoy your extra time at home.