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Mar 31, 2020

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Car

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your space and do a deep clean. While the term “spring cleaning” may conjure the mental image of washing drapes and vacuuming beneath the furniture you’re never in the mood to move, chances are your car could also benefit from a thorough cleaning.

Here are some tips for tidying up your car this spring:


Exterior Body - Start with a general wash down to remove that outer layer of dirt and grime. Pay extra attention to the underbody, where salt collects over the course of the winter. Use wax to give your vehicle that extra shine!

Windshield - After giving your windshield a thorough scrubbing, treat your car to a set of new wipers. Windshield wipers are relatively inexpensive and can make a huge difference in your driving experience. Not to mention a squeaky clean windshield makes for a safer drive!

Wheels - Pay extra attention to your wheels, making sure to remove all build up from the wheels and hubcaps.Use a stiff brush to get into all the nooks and crannies on your tires. While you’re cleaning, use this cleaning spree as an opportunity to check the pressure on all of your tires.

Windows - Even after giving your car an initial rinse, there's a good chance that there is still some dirt and grime stuck to your windows. Use window cleaner and some elbow grease to make them shine!

Under the hood - Check under your hood. You may be surprised to find a build up of leaves and debris that have collected throughout the different seasons. Carefully remove the debri. Depending on how dirty your vehicle is under the hood, you may even consider bringing it to a professional who can clean up your engine.


Carpeting and Upholstery - Take a damp cloth and remove any dirt or grime that may have gotten on the interior fabrics of your car. Once dry, use a vacuum to remove remaining dirt and dust. PRO TIP: If you have pets who have enjoyed a trip or two in your vehicle, use hairspray to spray down your seats and carpeting. The hairspray will adhere to the pet hair and make it easier to vacuum up.

Air Vents - As you’ve probably noticed, a lot of dust gets caught up in these vents. Use q-tips or makeup brushes to dust out the vents.

Floormats - If you have removable floormats, give them a good scrubbing. Hard plastics can be sprayed down with the hose, whereas carpeted floormats should be tackled with carpet cleaner.

Glove compartment - Take a chance to go through all of your compartments and throw away garbage and other items that have accumulated. Go with a minimalist approach and only keep what is necessary in your vehicle. You may be surprised by how relieved you feel to get rid of the extra “stuff.” Set yourself up for future success by keeping a garbage bag in your vehicle.

Dashboard and Console - Over the winter, it’s easy for dust to accumulate on your dashboard and console. Use a cloth to wipe the dust and allergens away and - while you’re at it - make a point to clean out your cup holders!

Trunk - There’s no way around it - somehow things just end up stored in your trunk. To give your vehicle’s trunk a thorough cleaning, remove all items and vacuum out dirt and dust. As you put things back in your trunk, ask yourself what’s necessary to keep stored in your vehicle and what can go. If you don’t already have one, make up a car safety kit and store it in your trunk. Not sure what to include? Click here for our suggestions.

Fragrance - Now that your car is squeaky clean, add to the effect by making it smell that way! Use repurposed dryer sheets or air fresheners designed for you air vents to keep your car smelling fresh. Just be careful not to hang air fresheners from your rearview mirror. Doing so can be a distraction and in some cases, earn you a ticket.

Keep the spring cleaning energy going! Check out our comprehensive spring cleaning checklist by clicking on the button below.