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Mar 1, 2020

Faces of NYCM: Anna Hughes Goes Beyond the Policy to Care for Customers

“I was shocked,” Anna stated, noticeably searching for the right words to accurately describe how she was feeling. “I was just doing what I felt was right. What I would hope someone would do for me, my family or friends in a similar situation.”

Anna’s cause for surprise? Finding out that her co-workers had nominated her for a Vision in Action Award, an achievement recognized through an internal award program that we use at NYCM  to celebrate employees for going above and beyond for our customers. Nominations for the award are all self-generated, with employees nominating their fellow teammates for living out our value of providing genuine care for our customers

Speaking with Anna, it’s apparent that she’s an incredibly gracious person. Getting to know her, it only makes sense that she works in Customer Service. Working on our Customer Service team means that Anna spends her time directly interacting with our customers on a day to day basis, whether it be discussing claims or answering specific questions customers have about their policies.

Recently, Anna had a call that touched her and inspired her to take further action. A young woman was undergoing chemotherapy and because her vehicle was disabled, she didn’t have the means to get to her appointments. Anna was dismayed to hear the news.

“She had lost the use of her vehicle which is stressful enough, but on top of that had imperative medical visits that she was potentially going to miss due to loss of use of her vehicle.”

After hanging up with the customer, Anna reached out to several nonprofits in the area of the customers’ residence to inquire about transportation services. She was grateful to find several options for the customer and called her back to communicate what she had learned.

“Once I called her back with what I found about the transportation, she was relieved to at least have a potential short-term solution,” Anna explained.

Anna then took it a step further. Following her conversation with the customer, she felt there was still more she could do. Working with our Customer Experience team, Anna sent a bouquet of flowers to the insured as a small gesture of kindness to let her know that we’re thinking of her.

Anna’s kindness in this situation is inspiring. But it’s not the first time that Anna has gone beyond her job in Customer Service to make a difference in the lives of someone in need. She has made similar calls and arrangements for a handful of other customers who have indicated that they are unable to make it to important medical appointments.

“I told them if they lived nearby I’d take them to their appointments myself!” She laughed, while also being completely honest and sincere.

In speaking of similar instances, Anna brought up many different interactions she has been involved with including elderly insureds who struggle with their day-to-day responsibilities, an Amish farmer who needed help when his horses escaped and were running down the road and a number of others who needed help with transportation.

“Sometimes it can be scary,” Anna admitted. “But I have a moral responsibility to assist however I can.”

Anna grew up in the local area, in Brookfield, NY and has been with NYCM Insurance for almost 19 years. During her tenure at our company, she has had the opportunity to work in a variety of departments and flex different skill sets from Claims Medical Review, to Personal Lines Underwriter to her current position in Customer Service. 

“As a Customer Service Representative, I like being the first contact for NYCM. I get to make a positive connection no matter how small it may be.”

Before joining our team, she worked for a doctor’s office where she enjoyed her colleagues but struggled with the rigid work schedule while raising a young family. Between her 8 am to 5 pm workday and a substantial commute, she often felt deprived of spending time with her young daughters. By the time she got home from work, it was almost bedtime for her children. She enjoyed her job but felt like she was missing out.

Between encouragement from her friends and sister who worked at NYCM, she applied for a position in our Claims department and has been here ever since.

“When I first transitioned from my previous job, I was just taking a chance. Many people I knew worked here in different departments.” Anna explained. “ I liked that NYCM was family-oriented...flexible for doctor appointments and family events... that's really important when you are the parent of young children.”

Talking to Anna and hearing stories about her noteworthy actions, it’s clear that she loves giving back and helping people.

“I’m very yellow,” she jokes. NYCM Insurance prompts all employees to participate in InColor Insight, a behavioral and personality assessment, under which, yellow is defined as being diplomatic, supportive and inclusive. In other words, Anna is a people person. Anna is also family-oriented and believes her best skill is being a mom.

“I am the best at being a Mom to our two grown up daughters who really are our best friends.”

When asked how it made her feel to be nominated for this award, Anna had this to say:

“I am honestly humbled,” Anna said. “I’ve received the greatest emails from my colleagues...It gives me goosebumps.”

In her free time, Anna enjoys being with her friends and taking family vacations. She also enjoys taking trips with her friends and is looking forward to her first daughter’s wedding coming up in July 2021.
“I don't get up every day and plan for events to unfold the way that they do,” Anna concluded.  “But we have so many opportunities each and every day to make a difference for someone in need. No matter how small it seems to us it could be so much more to them.”
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