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May 1, 2019

5 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mom is Sure to Love

Whether you’re planning well in advance for Mother’s Day, or the holiday somehow snuck up on you (we’ve all been there), we know how important it is to get your mother a thoughtful gift for her special day. 

While flowers are always a safe idea, maybe this year you want to get more creative with your gift-giving (and if you waited until last-minute, you might not have a choice!). Here are some ideas for thoughtful gifts your mom is sure to love:

Quality time together

We’re all busy – what would your mother love more than to spend more time with you? Buy your mom a gift card that allows you to spend some quality time together. Some ideas include a restaurant she’s been wanting to eat at, a museum she’s been wanting to visit or her favorite spa. Get creative! 

A plant that will last

Flowers are always great but the selection tends to be picked over leading up to the holiday. Not to mention a bouquet is only nice for a few days. Instead, consider buying your mom a house plant. This will be something she can enjoy well past Mother’s Day, and having plants is a great way to improve air quality in the home (Link to eco-friendly habits blog). 

Pay her car insurance bill for the month

It may not be the flashiest gift but offering to pay your mom’s car insurance (link to car insurance page) bill for the month is a gesture she is sure to appreciate. Make a coupon for your gift and wrap it with a playful springtime scarf or include it in a carwash kit and offer to wash her car [link to carwash blog]!

Cook her favorite meal 

Offer to cook your mom’s favorite meal for her. Brunch is always a solid Mother’s Day go-to but everyone also enjoys having a night off from cooking, especially when they’re being served one of their favorite dishes. 

Donate to her favorite cause

Part of what makes moms so great is how selfless they are. If your mom is passionate about a particular cause or organization, consider making a donation in her name. Showing your mom that you understand her values and know what she’s passionate about says so much more than a supermarket bouquet.  

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