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Dec 28, 2019

Celebrating the Holidays at NYCM Insurance

Winter holidays always add extra sparkle throughout the offices of NYCM Insurance. Employees are not only working hard to make sure their families have a happy holiday while at home, but are also busy at the office making sure our customers have a happy holiday as well. We enjoy bringing the warmth of the holidays through our doors to celebrate with each other all that this time of year has to offer.

Keep reading to learn more about how we celebrate the holidays at NYCM!


NYCM Insurance is big on volunteering; embracing community is built into our bones and is one of our core values. NYCM employees are given 16 hours of volunteer time to utilize each year, and many employees use those hours to give back to our local communities. 

One of the many examples of how employees are giving back this year is through the Christmas Cares committee at our Sherburne, NY office. Employees rallied to raise funds to purchase gifts and gift cards toward meals for 24 local families. To learn more about our Christmas Cares committee and their giving back initiatives, click here.

Another way employees are helping to provide happy holidays is through the NYCM Helping Hands initiative. NYCM employees shopped for both food and gifts for schools, nursing homes, children and families in the beginning of December.

“It’s such a great feeling knowing we are touching the lives of so many and hopefully making Christmas a special time for them.” said Marcia McNamara, Underwriting Support Supervisor and member of Helping Hands. 

Gifts were wrapped by NYCM employees before being delivered to their final destinations. “The wrappers did an awesome job of getting everything wrapped before the end of the day.” McNamara continued. “The comradery is great and it's fun to listen to the conversations of employees from different areas, all working together to get the job done!”

Helping Hands has just completed their 20th year of shopping, wrapping, and spreading cheer for the holidays.

NYCM employees even use volunteer time in the form of Christmas caroling! This year, “Carol’s Carolers,” a group of volunteer employees, sang at West Hill Apartments in Edmeston, NY to the residents to spread some holiday cheer. 

Family Time

Christmas Eve is an exciting time for us at NYCM, because it’s the only day of the year we invite NYCM families to come have fun within our walls! 

“Since 2014, it has become an annual tradition for NYCM to invite family members into the office on the last working day before Christmas.” said People Development Analyst, Amanda Loitsch.  

Each year there are different activities for kids to participate in. This Christmas Eve, kids will be invited to build their own foam gingerbread house, enjoy a sweet treat, and - of course - see Santa! 

Loitsch continued, “This is an opportunity for our home-family to meet our work-family. It's truly a special event where we can see how big the kids got this year, the kids can notice how cool mom's desk decorations are, and we can all learn something new about each other.”


Decking the halls of NYCM takes time and it’s something our employees look forward to year-round! Employees utilize every extra minute they can to add festive cheer throughout their office spaces. 

Administrative Assistant of the Casualty Division, Lisa Gould, had this to say about our holiday decor: “I feel blessed that we are allowed to decorate here at NYCM. It allows individuals to express themselves and reflect on what the holiday means to them. I enjoy seeing the smiles on everyone's faces and laughter while we decorate.” 

Staying Humble

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season. As a way to have employees point out what they’re most thankful for, NYCM continued our “Thankful Thoughts” tradition.  Employees were asked this year to get artistic and write, draw, and use their creative side to express what they are thankful for on this mural for the holiday season.

There are many more ways NYCM celebrates the holiday season, like making and sharing snacks amongst the divisions, “white elephant” gift-giving amongst coworkers, and the holiday gift from our senior management team. To learn more about how we are celebrating as team NYCM while giving back to the community this year, click the button below.