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Jul 29, 2021

Faces of NYCM: Meet Our 2021 Interns

NYCM Insurance works hard to provide a space that facilitates both personal and professional growth. Our annual internship program brings students on board to help them gain necessary skills and real-time work experience. Although this year’s internship program was largely virtual due to Covid-19, we were still excited to afford interns a great experience. Continue reading to learn about some of this year’s interns and their experience so far at NYCM!


Megan Burke

Meghan Burke, an upcoming senior studying criminology at West Virginia University, is currently interning with our Customer Service Team. She is learning how to create positive experiences and build relationships with our customers.


“I actually did the internship program the summer before last, and absolutely loved it! Everyone at NYCM is so caring and welcoming. It makes having a summer job more enjoyable,” Meghan laughs. When asked what has surprised her the most about this year’s internship, Megan says, “I think I surprised myself with how comfortable I was talking to new people over the phone. I honestly didn’t expect to have such heartfelt conversations with people I’ve never met before! It’s been my favorite part of the internship so far!”


When Megan isn’t working on her internship, she likes to travel and work on her photography.

Andy Grace

Andy Grace will be heading into his junior year at Binghamton University studying computer science and mathematics, which goes perfectly with his NYCM internship in Application Development!


“I am really enjoying my time at NYCM so far, which isn’t surprising,” says Andy. “I’m a local. I’ve always heard good things about NYCM and its culture. It’s why I applied for the internship in the first place. At NYCM the employees are hardworking and forward- thinking, but everyone still knows how to have a good time.”


Andy enjoys going on runs, creating 3D animations, and playing video games in his free time. When asked what he’s learned during his internship so far, Andy recalls just how important the act of documentation is when developing applications. “Without detailed notes about what you’ve done or changed within a project, the chances of a catastrophic failure can increase tenfold.” Andy goes on to talk about his favorite project so far, which has been working with another intern, Caleb, to update a database.


Caleb Brazeau

Caleb Brazeau is an upcoming sophomore at SUNY Morrisville who is studying application software development and video game programming. Caleb is currently interning with our Application Development Team, where he hopes to gain the experience he needs to help him make informed decisions surrounding his future goals.


“I was surprised at how empowered by NYCM the other interns and I were, to provide our perspective, ideas, and even just to experiment.” shares Caleb. “Andy and I have been working on ways to make the current NYCM database accessible through Chrome, Edge, and other modern browsers. We have also been working on ways to rewrite and improve the usability of the database without affecting its current capabilities. In just a few months, working on these projects has already taught me a lot about application development!”


Sydney Murray

Sydney Murray just finished her fourth year at Le Moyne College, studying marketing and business analytics, and will now be going for her master’s degree. Sydney is currently interning with both our Executive and Customer Service Teams. In her free time, Sydney likes to go on walks and find ways to enjoy a bit of down time.


When asked what inspired her to take an internship at NYCM, Sydney says, “I’ve known about NYCM for a long time and I’ve always heard really positive things. It was a great opportunity and I even got to spend some time close to home before returning to school.” Sydney goes on to talk about all that she's learned since starting her internship. “Basically, everything I know about insurance, I’ve learned during the last few months.”

Louisa Emhof 

Louisa is a junior, studying government at Patrick Henry College, and is currently interning with our Regulatory Legal Affairs Team. On her days off, Louisa enjoys spending time with her golden retriever, hiking, and reading books. When asked what brought her to NYCM, Louisa says, “I’ve had the opportunity to intern with NYCM in the past and absolutely loved the experience. I was so excited to be invited back this year because I love working with the team.


Louisa goes on to share about the projects she’s been working on this summer, “My main responsibility has been assisting with keeping the company's new contract database up to date, and I have enjoyed that a lot. I am looking forward to fully completing the project before my end date. With the internship being completely remote, we’ve had some unexpected challenges but more so we’ve had opportunities to learn through what is a truly unprecedented time. I was really surprised at how well my department, and the company as a whole, has adapted to remote work and how they are still able to connect and relate to each other.”


Louisa says that her favorite part of working at NYCM has always been the people. “I am often struck by how the NYCM management team cares about their employees, and how positively employees respond to this care-based culture.”

Laina Hula

Laina Hula, a senior at SUNY Oswego studying business administration, is currently interning with our Brand Management Team. When asked what her favorite part of the internship has been so far, Laina had this to share, “I’ve really loved putting together articles for the NYCM Blog. I didn’t realize that was something I would have the opportunity to work on, but NYCM has been very employee-experience focused from the start. I was also surprised to find myself really enjoying creating data reports and learning how to analyze them! I’ve learned so much already about Google Analytics and how to generate opportunities that can promote growth with a company!” 


Jessica Buffamonti

Jessica Buffamonti recently graduated from SUNY Geneseo and will be starting her first semester of law school this fall at Syracuse University. Currently, Jessica is interning with our Regulatory Legal Affairs Team, but in her free time she enjoys swimming, rock climbing, playing tennis, reading, crafting, and hanging out with friends and family!


When asked what led her to seek an internship with NYCM, Jessica shared, “Although I wasn’t very familiar with insurance, I was intrigued by Regulatory Legal Affairs and how the legal system is so intermingled with the insurance industry. I dream of being a corporate or staff counsel for a large company one day, and I thought this internship would provide me with a good starting experience!”


Jessica goes on to explain more about her internship so far. “I was surprised by how much and how fast I could learn while working remotely! It turns out I really enjoy working from home because it allows my work to be fast-paced, and  I can still build  strong connections with my supervisor and co-workers over Zoom or over the phone. It really speaks to NYCM’s company culture, which is truly unrivaled. I like that the company is always working on motivating their employees, and reaching for their “North Star” to make sure our customers are taken care of. The North Star provides a clear set of guidelines, making for a group of mindful, thoughtful people. It's very reassuring to work in this type of environment.”


NYCM would like to say thank you to our amazing 2021 interns for their hard work and dedication this summer. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors!  To learn more about NYCM and our company culture, check out the link below!