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Aug 14, 2019

5 Housewarming Gift Ideas for Your Apartment-Dwelling Friends

Your friend just moved into a new apartment and they invited you over to check out their new digs. You definitely want to show up with a nice gift to congratulate them on their new place and help them feel more at home, but you’re unsure of what to give them. 

While you want to gift them something memorable, apartment living can be tricky, with limited space and little storage. It can also be difficult to anticipate what your friend already owns.  

Check out some ideas that are perfect gifts for all the apartment-dwellers in your life:

A low-maintenance plant

Plants have a way of brightening up a space and generating a feeling of well-being, and they also improve air quality. Gift your friend a plant that’s easy to take care of to make their apartment feel more like home. Some examples include succulents, aloe, spider plants and snake plants – they’re much more pleasant than their names suggest!

Meal subscription box

This is a great gift for your friends who either love to cook, are hoping to learn more about cooking or maybe just love food! The rationed portions of ingredients are perfect for people with smaller fridges and kitchen spaces, and will save your friend a trip to the grocery store. 


Treat your friend with some high-end coffee or consider giving them a French press which takes up less space than a coffee pot and is more eco-friendly than a pod-based system! 

The gift of practicality

It may not be the most glamourous gift, but a collection of eco-friendly cleaning supplies is one of the most practical gifts you can give someone. Afterall, your friend will probably want to stay up on their cleaning to keep their landlord happy.

Help them explore the area

If they’re new to the neighborhood, then a gift card to a local restaurant or cafĂ© will help them get to know their new town better! Buy a gift card from a place you know they’re sure to love, taking into account the distance from their new place, menu offerings and whether or not the atmosphere matches their usual style.