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Aug 2, 2020

Celebrating National Sisters Day Amongst Family in the Workplace

Sibling pride runs deep at NYCM Insurance. We are a family-run company, whose employee base is also widely made up of many different families. We have pairs of parents and children, siblings, spouses, aunts, uncles, cousins, even grandparents and grandchildren, all working under the same roof - something that makes NYCM Insurance a special place to work! 

We’re sharing stories about some of our NYCM sister pairs who stay connected while working together at NYCM Insurance.

Catching Up on Walks and at Lunch

Sisters Pam, of our Application Development Team, Karen, of our HR Team and Wendy, of our Claims Team, all shared similar kind sentiments: “I love that I have the opportunity to work at the same company with two of my three sisters (and formerly our now retired, mom too!). It's awesome that we can take lunch and walk together when at the office.” said Pam, “I love that even though we are not twins, Karen and I are frequently confused for each other.” 

Wendy spoke of their tight-knit relationship, “NYCM has a family atmosphere within all ranks of the company and believes in making your family your top priority. My sisters are my rock, my sunshine on gloomy days and my forever friends. I am thankful for all of my sisters and family as well as NYCM for providing such a welcoming, family-focused atmosphere.” 

The photo below was provided by Karen and commemorates the three sisters participating at the Corporate Challenge in Binghamton, NY, both as sisters and coworkers!

Anne, of our Customer Service Team, had this to say of working with her sister, Jenn, of our IT Services Team: “Now that my sister and I each have our own families, it's a little tough to get together as often as we used to. At work, that is our chance to get caught up during our lunch hour.” She continued, “We are able to get out and go for a walk. By working together, we have learned that no matter what, we will be by each other's side and will be supportive of each other. From day one we have remained each other's first friend and biggest fan.”

Three Sisters Each with Over 30 years of Service Who Commute Together

Sandy, of our Financial Services Team, had this to say about working with her two sisters, Karen, also of Financial Services and Tina, of our Claims Team: “We have all been working at NYCM Insurance for over 30 years. In fact, I drove Tina to Edmeston when she applied. Karen came later that fall and then myself in December.” 

Sandy continued, “There have been times when we would see each other every day and times when we wouldn’t see each other for weeks simply because we have a large office building. Over the past two years we have been carpooling together. This has been both a blessing and a curse,” she laughs. “We always make up in the end.” 

Sandy ended with the most important point of all, “My sisters are my best friends and I do not know what I would do without them.”

Working Close Together

Judi and Melissa are sisters who both work on our Claims Team. Judi explained that a perk of the job is getting to talk to each other during the day: “Melissa and I have both been working at NYCM for the past 17+ years. Over the years we have worked together in the same departments. We were both Litigation Examiners together and then later we both worked the same territory in Claims.”  

Judi continued, “It's great to be able to call your sister during work hours and not feel guilty!” 

Melissa added a few words, as any little sister would, “Judi couldn’t help but follow in her little sister’s footsteps and apply to NYCM after I was hired. Even though we are two completely different people, I think we can agree, little sister knows best! We are two lucky ladies that are happy to be a part of the NYCM Family!”

Checking In and Sibling Jokes

Carol, a member of our Customer Service Team, shared how great it is to catch up with family at work: “I worked in the Claims Department with my sister, Gwen, for 13 years. She spent most of that time trying to convince people that she was the younger sister. We took exercise classes together and did a lot of charitable walks and events that NYCM would sponsor.”

Carol continued, “We would take walks down to the coffee machine just to see how each other's day was going. Gwen has always encouraged me to be a good parent, a good worker, a good friend and just a good person in general.” 

Carol wanted to make sure we ended on the right sisterly note: “Just to let you know - she is the older sister.”    

Participating in the NYCM Wellness Program Together

Jolene, of our Customer Service Team, explained the relationship she has with her sister Barb, of our Underwriting Team: “Barb and I work at the Sherburne NYCM office in different divisions. I am the youngest of seven children and Barb is my oldest sister. She is a bit older than me and she has always been like a second mother to me. It’s nice to know she is close by as family is important to me. We both participate in the Passport to Wellness Program and complete many of the activities together.” 

An Honor to Work with Family

Samantha, of our Claims Team, had this to say about working at NYCM with her sisters, Heather, also of Claims, and Stephanie, of our Brand Management Team: "Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be there. While there are a lot of perks working at NYCM, one of the special ones is being lucky enough to work at the same company as my sisters.”

Pamela, of our Claims Team, said this about her two sisters, Susan, of Claims and Michele, of our Underwriting Team: “I am lucky enough to have two sisters that work for this wonderful company. Between the three of us we have over 91 years with NYCM, I believe that qualifies for retirement, right?” She joked. 

“Having sisters working for the same industry works out well as we are all familiar with insurance and know the ‘lingo’ so-to-speak, unlike our significant others that just nod their heads when you talk about work.” 

Pamela ended with thankful thoughts, “There is nothing like family, my sisters mean the world to me. We are all very lucky to work for such a great place where they always put their employees first.”  

Friends Becoming Family

Jacqueline, a member of our Underwriting Team shared how her friends turned to family after moving to a new area: “NYCM brought me to this family and these sisters took me in as I’m not  from Upstate, NY.” she said. “They never cared that I wasn’t a true sister, and have been with me for the past 15 years through good, bad, and happy moments.”

She continued, noting how close the group truly is, “They once knew my son was in town from deployment and helped him to surprise me at work! I love them beyond explanation. Who is to say who real sisters are? Sometimes the blood line does not matter. I love this company, and this is a major reason why.”

Work-life balance is a top priority at NYCM Insurance. While we consider ourselves to be one big family, we know we are honored to also have many family members choose to work together within our four walls.