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Dec 24, 2019

Aiding the Homeless with a Special Gift for Employees

Above all else, we believe that the holiday season is a time for giving. With this mindset, we look forward to surprising our employees with a special gift every December as way to say “thank you” for all that they’ve done throughout the year to hearten hope and inspire courage for our insureds.

Over the years, we have enjoyed gifting quality home goods, including photo frames, kitchen knife sets, and soup bowls among a wide array of other items. While our gifts were always well received, last year, we decided to start a new tradition and refocus the season on giving and what it means to live out our core value of caring.

As a surprise, all employees were given two $20 bills, wrapped in a specially-designed card. Aside from a holiday greeting, the card came with instructions: keep $20 for yourself and pay the other half forward. Employees were encouraged to use this money however they saw fit. But were also provided with some ideas: surprise someone at the store and pay for their groceries, buy coffee for the next customer at your favorite café, donate to your favorite charity. Aside from a gift for themselves, we wanted this to be an opportunity to keep the giving going.

Much to our delight, the gift was met with overwhelming excitement and handfuls of inspiring stories on how employees chose to pay their $20 forward. Many of our employees even passed up their own gift, and instead used the full $40 to put towards a cause of their choosing.

Thinking back to last December, we knew we had set the bar high. This year, we wanted to do something different, while keeping the general sentiment the same. We wanted to give our employees a quality gift, but also give them the opportunity to help others at the same time. Through some research, we were excited to find Mitscoots Outfitters - a company that is dedicated to helping the homeless with work and warm apparel.

This holiday season we’re excited to gift each of our employees a warm, sherpa blanket from Mitscoots Outfitters. Like all Miscoots products, these blankets were crafted by those who have found themselves without homes and in need of work.

In addition to the 950 blankets we are gifting to our team, an additional 950 blankets will be donated to homeless shelters in Upstate New York. Producing these blankets provided an estimated 108 hours of work to individuals transitioning out of homelessness through the process of finishing and packaging.

“We wanted to continue what we started with last year’s employee gift. Caring is a part of NYCM’s “why” and it’s something we pride ourselves on, all year round,” said Jeremy Robinson, Senior Vice President of Customer Relations Management.

“We’re really excited about the blankets from Mitscoots Outfitters and we know our employees will be equally excited about the giving back component of this gift.” 

Larry, who was one of the individuals working on the blankets, had this to say about working with Mitscoots: "I like it. I really do. It keeps me busy and out of trouble. It's a blessing for me today."

We’re proud that our gift to employees will be more than just a physical object, and that through Mitscoots, we’re helping more people have a warm holiday season. To learn more about Mitscoots Outfitters and their mission, click here. And to learn more about another one of our giving back holiday initiatives, click on the button below.