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Jun 11, 2021

Community Spotlight: How NYCM Employees Rally to Support Research and Those Living with Diabetes

For nearly 20 years, NYCM Insurance has been a proud supporter of the American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure event. Created as a way of fundraising for their cause, Tour de Cure has helped to provide support to over 34 million Americans who are living with diabetes. Continue reading to learn more about the American Diabetes Association, Tour de Cure, and why some of our most passionate employees champion this cause.


Riding to Raise Funds


2021 marks the 30th anniversary of the Tour de Cure! To celebrate, this year the American Diabetes Association is launching their brand new “virtually enhanced, year-round” experience. While the intent is to supply riders with new challenges and inspire even more people to commit to the cause, they are also hoping to encourage physical activity all year long! The Association plans to release details surrounding this new project through their local event pages.


From fighting for lower medical costs and accessibility laws, to creating comprehensive diabetic education programs, the American Diabetes Association has supported significant advancements towards a cure. Studies show that someone in the U.S is diagnosed with diabetes every 21 seconds and that an estimated 88 million Americans have prediabetes. The ADA advocates for not only for research to help those who currently have diabetes, but for education as well.


Employees Riding Together for A Cause Close to Home

Many of our own employees hold strong ties to the American Diabetes Association, whether it be because they have personally been affected by the disease or know someone who has.


It isn’t uncommon for NYCM families to get together to support their causes. Pictured above are three generations of the Robinson family riding in the Tour De Cure to help fight against diabetes. Van Robinson, Former Chairman and Secretary of NYCM Insurance on the left, V. Daniel Robinson II, President and CEO of NYCM Insurance in the center, and Cheryl Robinson, Executive Vice President and COO, on the right. When asked about the Tour de Cure and what this event means to him, Dan had this to share, “The Tour De Cure is something we do every year. It’s a great opportunity for friends and family to come together, get some exercise, and support each other. It means a lot to those of us who have diabetes ourselves, to see the outreach and the support firsthand.”


“Personally, I ride because of my family history with diabetes and a fear that someday I too may be diagnosed,” says Kathleen Crossett of our Distribution Team. “It’s such a difficult disease and it affects so many people.” Kathleen shares that she has seen firsthand just how much damage this disease can cause on the body, and the toll it can take on your mentality. “My mother lost most of her eyesight and dealt with many other complications before passing away. I ride because I don't want to see that happen to anyone else.” Kathleen also states that she knows how important it is that she does her part in helping raise money to find ways to cure this disease. Each new person that signs up for the Tour de Cure, or who makes a contribution, pushes us one step closer.



JB Harbison of our Special Investigation Unit has been riding in Tour de Cure for years and is very passionate about the cause. “I have family members, as well as close friends, who struggle with this disease -- and let me tell you, it’s no joke. I have actually had several loved ones pass away due to complications from diabetes,” shares JB. “My passion for raising both awareness and money stems from that loss. I ride for those who cannot ride for themselves and in memory of those who have succumbed to diabetes. I am grateful to NYCM for their continued support for this cause.”


“Diabetes became personal to me when I was a child and my father became a Type II diabetic,” says Kathy Wagner of our Special Investigation Unit. “It is a progressive disease, and my father did eventually pass away from related complications in 2009. I support the American Diabetes Association because they provide education and resources for people like my dad while also supporting research for new medications and treatments for both Type I and Type II diabetics. I have ridden the 10-, 15-, 32-, and 40-mile rides with help from my friend and coworker JB. Over the years, we have raised money and supported other riders and walkers as well. It’s always so nice to see NYCM’s support in sponsoring this cause.”


Team NYCM will be riding virtually to support the American Diabetes Association this year in hopes to raise awareness and funds for those who are battling against diabetes.

To learn more about the American Diabetes Association or about donating to the cause, check out this link!